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This is a template you can copy and paste into any new Zone Page to help get you started.
Preferable is to be detailed on the provided information.
Remember, the better information you provide, the better you help the future players!
Important is to make proper use of text filing, IE : Chapters, short sentences, (no chunks of text), proper spacing, punctuation and quotation marks,
CAPITAL LETTERS to start sentences, Bold, Italic, underscore usage, and generally making sure it looks clean!

Use links to Allah Clone when needed, Use paragraph (like here), and use Screenshots! They make the page look a lot better and more appealing!
Good examples are: Tier 5 Armor, Epic Quests, and if working with Sub-Pages, Tier Quests

Word up Front

This should include some basic information about the Zone it takes place in (if not obvious already), such as:

  • Requirements to zone in (if any)
  • Recommendation and / or requirement of setup needed to do / survive

Quest information

  • Detailed information regarding the task at hand
    • With that also needed location / travel information (if any)

Turn in / Rewards

This speaks for itself


This is only of use when there's more when you receive a reward, or if there are followup quests
A good example of that is Mithaniel Marr must DIE