Western Wastes

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Word up Front

NPC for the Medium Daily missions, both solo (1-6), group (6-18), and group/raid (6-24)

This zone is an equal to the planes, Ashengate, and Anguish.
Not so much because it is tactical, but because the mobs have simular amounts of hp and regen.
Recommended requirements : A tank with 120k+ AC, and at the very least, a group/raid with 15M+ (Million) Dps!
In both cases, more of each is no luxury for this place!
This mission is sort of the improved and enhanced version of Atiiki, which also drops slot 16 and 17 augs.
Unlike Atiiki, (where the armor is bought), here the armor is dropped.
On top of that, mobs in here also drop 1M guk points tokens, and 2.5M guk point tokens.
All in all this is a fantastic mission to get Guks, platinum (as mobs can drop up to 500k), and alternate armor and augs!
Another recommendation is to do Atiiki as well, because you can combine augs from there with this armor!

At the bottom of this page you can find loot examples of this place (which should convince you to wanting to do it)!

The task at hand

To obtain this mission, talk to An Honorable Protector from the picture in Barren, and click the WOOF!! part.
Once you are inside the quest will read as follows :

 Kill 1 Baste the Wastes (Kill 1 Villain)

This is a pretty obvious step.

Kill 14 Your Face is in the Wastes (Kill everything else)

There are the following mobs in this zone, and a little breakdown on what to expect from them :
(Below is not the order you encounter them in)!
- Tranala (the first drake to encounter in this zone).
- Glati - Trash mob
- Makala - Trash mob
- Ayallish - Trash mob
- Derasinal - Trash mob
- Draazak - Trash mob
- Entariz - Trash mob, will social agro with Ionat
- Ionat - Trash mob, will social agro with Entanz
- Karkona - Trash mob
- Esorpa of the Ring (paths up and down) - Will social agro with any of the dragons if close enough (and that distance is quite large)

Below here, are other mobs you will encounter in this zone, and these are considerably stronger then the above ones!
The requirement for 15M+ Dps for this zone will become clear when facing these below mobs!
All of these mobs have a massive amount of regen, a lot more then the above trash mobs

- Icehackle - Don't let the size, and /con of this mob fool you.
Despite him not hitting hard at 120k+ ac (or as tested in this case, 142k), he regens very hard!
His regen can be compared to Ashengate mobs, which have around 37M regen per tick, this one regens harder.
Other then that, this mob is a Tank 'n Spank.

- Sontalak - This mob is by far the most annoying one in the zone.
Mainly because he dispels in ticks (like regen per tick). The longer you fight him, the further you get dispelled!
This dispel DOES have a certain range, and comes paired with an AE Nuke worth 200K dmg!

- Tantor - Tantor is the second one that is quite annoying.
This is because he has a massive knock back (much like King Tormax).
So in order to fight him, you'll need a form of levitate!
He also summons alot. He is quite huge, and even with levitate, when the KB hits,
for him it knocks you back far enough (like 2 steps) to summon you back under him, causing you to have to move backwards alot in this fight!

- You Call Me Klandicar Asshole? - This is a robotic version of Klandicar (like he was crafted by the Ak'Anon npc's).
He does an AE Fear nuke, and will completely dispell you, and is a Tank 'n Spank.

Once you finish off your last mob your mission will end and you will be rewarded with :

Refined Guk Ore (2,500,000 Guk Points).jpg

Congratulations on finishing this mission, and hopefully on some nice (alt) upgrades!

Dropped Loot examples

Western Wastes Armor.jpg

Western Wastes Slot 16 Augs.jpg

Western Wastes Slot 17 Augs.jpg

Western Wastes Armor Augmented.jpg