Vex Thal

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Vex Thal

Zone Overview

  • This is the starting zone for all players. It is also the zone you get ported to when you use Origin AA or Return Home buttons from Character Select screen.
  • Currency: Guks
  • Suitable for Level 1-45+ depending on how much time you want to spend here.


Details are in Storyline Quests

  • Courtyard: Level 1-15+ (Highest mobs in this area are Level 30 Basilisk in the water). When you defeat the Guardian of Po`ta Zhi with the proper task from Merchant Nildar you will receive a key to the next area.
  • North/South Wings: Level 20-30+ (Mobs are in the 20-35 range). You can do tasks for Adventurer Talin to get the key to the next area and a clicky for healing or mana recovery.
  • West Wing: Level 25-40+ ( Mobs are in the 28-35 range. Named can be as high as level 45 though). Doing quests for Warlord Zok will get you the key to the next phase. You can also get the Beef and give it to either Benny and/or Gregory for loot.
  • Final Fight: 45+. When you've gotten all the tasks done and can fight the final fight. The Construct of the Arena God is level 50. You also have a few quests people before the final fight area and Fink to teleport you.


There are a large number of merchants at the zone in which you can buy and sell your loot to.

Guide Tootsie

  • Server Greeter
  • If you follow her prompts she will give you a clicky with Succor on it. Also provides details on server specifics including how to use your Fighter Bot

Treasurer Buri

  • Provides banking services.

Justin Kohski

  • Currency Merchant
  • Currency: Guks
  • Sells newbie gear for relatively small amount of guk coins.
  • You can acquire a significant number of guks (5000) by doing the Daily Adventures offers from Lieutenant Isted next to him. Despite it saying it's a 'Daily Adventure' the lockout is only 2 hours.

Charl Sleedar

  • Quest Giver
  • Simple quest to kill 'A Vex Thal Basilisk' and return it's tongue. You recieve a 2HS weapon which you can either use or if you are a class that can't wield it give it to your warrior goon.

Merchant Nildar

  • Provides Merchant Services and Quests for the entry part of the zone.
  • Good idea to grab all his quests when you start if you are going to be killing in Vex Thal. Most of these tasks are simple kill tasks that dont require you to come back to him when completed.

Lieutenant Isted

  • Offers 4 types of Missions taking place in Crushbone. Collection -- Collecting random drops from mobs throughout the zone. Rescue - Saving an NPC by defeating a boss, escort to zone. Kill Count - Pretty straight forward, kill everything. Assassinate - Kill mobs until a boss spawns, kill boss. 2 HR Lockout.