Tier 5.5

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Tier 5.5 Armor

This is almost the same as doing the turn in for Tier 5 Armor.
Telling the Gladiator "instructions", pops up a window with information :

Bring him :

    • Lighttouch Armor Mold

Tier 5.5 Molds can drop in several raids

(you should already have this from doing T5 Armor quest)

    • Light and Dark Power Source

(you should also already have this from doing T5 Armor quest)

    • Old corresponding (PLATE VERSION) T5 Armor piece, AUGS REMOVED!

Upon doing so, he'll return you the Power Source and the Tool, and your new T5 Armor piece.

Congratulations, and enjoy!

You can turn in your armor pieces to Kinglykrab in Barren for an alternate version.
The stats of the armor remain the same, but look different.
The order of turn in is :
Plate to Cloth, Cloth to Chain, Chain to Leather, and Leather back to Plate.

Below are some screenshots of what the armor looks like.
The screenshots are of all 4 types, done on an Ogre, and a Dark Elf.
You will notice that the hands are Tier 5. That's why seperate pictures of the hands with Tier 5.5 are added as well.


Tier 5,5 Plate Ogre.jpg Tier 5,5 Plate Ogre - Hands.jpg

Tier 5,5 Plate Dark Elf.jpg Tier 5,5 Plate Dark Elf - Hands.jpg


Tier 5,5 Cloth Ogre.jpg Tier 5,5 Cloth Ogre - Hands.jpg

Tier 5,5 Cloth Dark Elf.jpg Tier 5,5 Cloth Dark Elf - Hands.jpg


Tier 5,5 Chain Ogre.jpg Tier 5,5 Chain Ogre - Hands.jpg

Tier 5,5 Chain Dark Elf.jpg Tier 5,5 Chain Dark Elf - Hands.jpg


Tier 5,5 Leather Ogre.jpg Tier 5,5 Leather Ogre - Hands.jpg

Tier 5,5 Leather Dark Elf.jpg Tier 5,5 Leather Dark Elf - Hands.jpg