Tier 5

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Word up front

As per 12th November 2016, this quest changed a tiny bit.
If you still have the old quest that gives you the Darktouch Power Source, that will work fine as well!
Similar to all previous tiers, you will need to have completed Tier 4.5 in order to complete this quest.
Tier 5 is a serious step up in difficulty. At this point, boxing or grouping becomes a necessity, and bots become less useful.
You need a large amount of Guk points for this.
The pieces combined will cost you at least 1,920,000 Guk points!
(Ofcourse you do not need it all at once, each piece has a different price)
This quest is not to be underestimated.
Several mobs have certain tactics, effects, or strategy's, that a hard-burn is often out of the question.
All of these mobs are of course T5 (/duh), and some even T6.
Even if not due to their level and/or HP, or how hard they hit, but due to the mechanics needed to take them down.
Even with full Tier 4.5 armor equipped, matching tier jewelry and augs, this quest is harder then it seems.
The people I have worked with to do this quest, and make it "easily" tankable, were set up with around 80-90K AC, and 600K+ HP.
Nonetheless, lets have at it!

Alternatively there is Heads of State (Pocket Edition) that you can purchase for 50M guks from Kehn Kohski in Barren.
This will allow for a raid up to 72 players to go inside this expedition, and farm all the bosses needed.
Keep in mind that they still only drop 3 heads per kill.

Starting the Quest

Talk to A Gladiator in Barren.
Telling him you need "instructions", a window pops up with information:

* Give me 1 Mold (Found from Kehn Kohski)
* 1 Sharpened Tool of the Gods (Found on Father of the Arena God's Corpse)
* Light and Dark Power Source (Task from this npc)
* Old Tier 4.5 Plate (Steamfont Quest)

Telling him you can "help" him, will give you the following quest: Light and Dark Power source

Light and Dark Power Source

The quest itself reads unknown zone for all items, don't worry though, below is everything listed and explained.

He wants you to bring him the following:

 Deliver 1 Head of Dain Frostreaver IV to A Gladiator

Dain can be found in Icewell Keep (ThurgadinB).
This zone is very social on aggro, meaning you can easily pull 10 mobs at once if you are not careful.
If you are "undergeared", this zone will be nearly impossible to do, let alone Dain himself.
Dain hits, of course depending on your setup, easily into 150K damage range.
Dain itself, never ever comes alone.
He will always be surrounded with his throne-room associates.
Dain will randomly port you down in the well in the dungeon area of the zone. (This is the area far beneath his throne room).
Which means you will get extra adds from down there.
Upon his death, he spawns several Dains Ho mobs, which are a pita, because they all hit hard.

 Deliver 1 Head of King Tormax to A Gladiator

King Tormax can be found in Blacksail.
King Tormax is a meany! He of course hits hard, but also, very rapidly, dispels.
In a matter of 10 seconds, he'll fully debuff you (or your pet).
He also has a nasty cycle of summoning you (due to aggro), and then KB'ing you, sometimes a short distance, sometimes a long distance, along with a stun.
In order to "prevent" this from happening, you'll want to burn him down hard and fast.
He spawns in an open zone, so a raid can be formed to take him on.
He has no adds during fight or upon his death, but you will want to take out the 3 archer giants around the fort first.

 Deliver 1 Head of Solusek Ro to A Gladiator

Solusek Ro can be found in Solrotower.
In order to get to him, you need to have done a semi extensive quest: Bane Armor & Inner Chamber Access
Solusek has no special mechanics needed to take him down, but he does cast a non-resistible DoT.

 Deliver 1 Head of Zayne Edinger to A Gladiator

Zayne can be found in Valdeholm.
Zayne is one of the most tricky mobs to take down, maybe the worst (mechanics wise) of all.
Upon engaging, she spawns 3 bosses, Rallos Zek, Mithaniel Marr, and Bertoxxulous.
Now, you can mass-damage her without killing these, but you need a real serious amount of DPS to manage this,
Like literally several MILLION DPS, as she will regen very fast as long as those 3 are up.
If you cannot manage this, you obviously need to kill them first.
In order to do this, they need to be kept WITHIN 10% of each other.
If one of them falls outside the 10% range, the HP of all 3 will set back to 100% and you will have to begin again from scratch.
One they are dead, you can further kill Zayne.

 Deliver 1 Head of Wasim Patel to A Gladiator

Wasim can also be found in Valdeholm.
Wasim is a big blue dragon, and is basically a tank 'n spank.

 Deliver 1 Head of Xerkizh the Creator to A Gladiator

Xerkizh can be found in Ssra (Ssratemple).
Xerkizh itself is not so much the problem, he also is a tank 'n spank.
The Golems around him, and on the way to him, are the (biggest) problem.
They hit just as hard, but X has more HP.
The Golems also respawn fairly quickly. Expect to have to kill them again during the fight or while you're looting

 Deliver 1 Head of The Va'Dyn to A Gladiator

The Va'Dyn can be found in Akheva Ruins.
This mob has, like the rest, a ton of HP, and hits quite fast and hard.
And like Zayne, has some not so tricky, but annoying mechanics.

 Deliver 1 Head of the Avatar of War to A Gladiator

The AoW can also be found in Blacksail.
This mob is a trigged spawn through 2 other kills.
You'll find the Statue of Rallos Zek along the coastline, in the water, at the near "back" (it's a small zone) of the zone.
He's a straightforward tank 'n spank.
Once you kill him, The Idol of Rallos Zek spawns, which is NON AGRO.
He also, is a tank 'n spank.
Upon his death, the very large Avatar of War spawns (which is highly KoS).
He also like his 2 predecessors, is a tank 'n spank, the biggest difference is, he has a bit more hp, and hits quite a bit harder.

 Deliver 1 Head of Fennin Ro to A Gladiator

Fennin can be found in the Plane of Fire (Pofire).
Fennin also has some "minor" mechanics to him.
During the fight, he spawns a few REALLY LARGE clocks (A Deadly Clocktower I think they were called).
He also casts a particularly nasty DOT. <more info is needed as I do not recall this encounter properly, this will be changed soon>

 Deliver 1 Head of the Father of the Arena God to A Gladiator

This guy is by far the hardest of them all.
He can be found via the Arena zone, there is an NPC there that gives out an expedition for him.
Upon accepting you will be ported to an instanced version of the Arena.
This guy is absolutely NOT soloable. He is also melee immune.
Luckily there are weapons available that are able to hit him, these are high end and/or Epic weapons.
Mage/Necro/Beastlord/Enchanter/Shaman pets WITH summoned mage weapons can hit him,
which will help speed up the kill big time, but nonetheless, this mob has a 360 degree hitting radius,
so don't expect it to become a walk in the park, even with an army of pets.
If you do get the power and/or help to kill him, you will also receive: (since this is a mission)
(Even though the quest reads a reward for the 1 million version)

Refined Guk Ore (2,500,000 Guk Points).jpg

(Do not forget to loot Sharpened Tool of the Gods from him, as you will need it to obtain the T5 armor)

The turn in

It does not matter in which order, or if you farm all heads first for the turn in or not,
The Gladiator in Bazaar will return each head anyway, and the quest will update upon each turn in.
Once you turn in the final head, you will be rewarded with:

Light and Dark Power Source.jpg

Obtaining the Tier 5 Armor

When you can afford it, you can buy the Darktouch Armor Molds of Kehn in Barren.

Give the following to the Gladiator :

  • Darktouch Armor Mold
  • Light and Dark Power Source
  • Corresponding (PLATE VERSION) T4.5 Armor piece, AUGS REMOVED
  • Sharpened Tool of the Gods (from Father of the Arena)

Upon doing so, he'll return you the Power Source and the Tool, and your new T5 Armor piece.

Congratulations, and enjoy!

You can turn in your armor pieces to Kinglykrab in Barren for an alternate version.
The stats of the armor remain the same, but look different.
The order of turn in is :
Plate to Chain, Chain to Leather, Leather to Cloth, and Cloth back to Plate.

Below are some screenshots of what the armor looks like.
The screenshots are of all 4 types, done on an Ogre, and a Dark Elf.


Tier 5 Plate Ogre.jpg - Tier 5 Plate Dark Elf.jpg


Tier 5 Chain Ogre.jpg - Tier 5 Chain Dark Elf.jpg


Tier 5 Leather Ogre.jpg - Tier 5 Leather Dark Elf.jpg


Tier 5 Cloth Ogre.jpg - Tier 5 Cloth Dark Elf.jpg