Tier 2

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Information About Tier 2

Ancient Frost Armor Set

  • Tier 1 Armor must be completed in order to begin working on Tier 2 Armor
  • There are many, many Tier 2 zones, and quite a few armor upgrades over Tier 1.

Collecting the Molds - Kael

There are two ways to farm the Molds required for Tier 2.

1. The Ring Event in Kael Drakkel, which starts in the area where King Tormax spawns on live.
You'll find a Lost Wood Elf there, who will begin the event. Once you tell him you're ready, the mobs for the event begin spawning right on top of him, so be careful.
Each one has a chance to drop the molds for Tier 2, and a final boss, Charissa, spawns at the end, and can also drop molds.

2. Other bosses, such as Derakor the Vindicator, can also drop the molds for Tier 2.
The key is to be patient, as this step can definitely take time and can be time consuming.

Once you have your Molds, move on to the next step.

ToV Ring Event

  • Head over to Temple of Veeshan (or Uqua) next, to begin the Temple of Veeshan ring event. The respawn time on this event is ~30 minutes, so try to do both Uqua and Temple of Veeshan if possible.
    • Monsters here will drop Bag of Diseased Body Parts, which are the second component in Tier 2 Armor.
    • Vulak is guaranteed to drop at least 1 Bag of Diseased Body Parts per kill.

The Arena God

Creating Tier 2 Armor

Look for Dain Frostreaver in Kerra Ridge, hail him and say have and he'll use the following:

    • Piece of Tier 1 Armor
    • Tier 2 Armor Mold
    • Bag of Diseased Body Parts
    • Bent Tool of the Gods

Note: Augments will be returned if the Tier 1 Armor has them in it.

Dain will hand you back a piece of Ancient Frost Armor