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Information About Tier 1

Ancient Elite Armor Set

  • Tier 1 Armor is the beginning of the journey on Raid Addicts, and is a great starting point for all new players. This page will focus mainly on the creation of your Ancient Elite (Tier 1) Armor, but will also have breakdowns of other Tier 1 Zones.

Karnor's Castle - Gathering the Pieces for Tier 1

Most of your Tier 1 Armor Quest is going to be done inside of Karnor's Castle, which is a Tier 1 Zone.
You can get there from Grand Arcanist Fink in Vex Thal or Barren Coast just tell him karnor.
Or you can use #peqzone karnor.

Look for the following items, which drop off of trash monsters:

Chest and Pants patterns are dropped by the Asshole Boss Mob and Hanibal Lector.
Helmet Pattern is dropped by Skeletal Axers, Hades Bones, Left and Right hand Minion and Hannibal Lector.

  • Locate Prince Xypher in Vexthal (Just before Arena God), hail him and say have and he will create armor for you.

Other Notable Drops

  • Epic 1.5 Items
  • Other various pieces of Armor
  • Guk Coins / Gems


Head over to Southern Plains of Karana, and look for Aviaks, in order to finish up your Tier 1 quest

Turning in the items for your Tier 1 Armor

Head back to Vexthal and speak with Nicole. She asks you to give her the following 4 items:

Ancient ___ Pattern - Karnor's Castle
Glowing Mithril Steel - KFC / South Karana
Festering Gut of Sathir - Karnor's Castle
Glowing Drovlarg Hide - Karnor's Castle

Upon turning these items in, you will receive the corresponding piece of Tier 1 Armor Mold. Turn the Mold into Prince Xypher for your Tier 1 Armor.

Note that Tier 1 is required to do the combines for Tier 2 Armor.

For gear stats, see: Ancient Elite Armor