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You can get some basic information regarding how and what,
from The Electric Janitor (Tier 3 Quest) in Qvic, but he does not give an actual quest.

What he does require is the following :

  • His girlfriends' Plastic Penis
  • Two Great Glowing Two handed Weapons
  • Tunat Muram Tongue

The information he gives you regarding the ... dildo ... if you will, is pretty obvious.
The rest is quite a lot harder to actually figure out, unless you are deeply familiar with the lore of Everquest.

The Plastic .....

To find the first item, you can either go to the Arena via the Daily Arena quest,
or to Sebilis, and kill the boss, Dreksaleq (where on Live, Trakanon was).
Once he's dead, loot Tha Plastic Bod from him.

The Great Glowing Two Handers

For the Two Great Glowing Two handed weapons, you can go to:

  • The island in Kerra, or the Daily Arena, to find and kill Sir Lucan for his Soulfire
  • The Emerald Jungle, where you need to find Severilous.

He's an easy encounter, except for one problem. He's nearly 100% completely melee and spell immune.
The ONLY weapons that can hit him, are those with Bane DMG: Dragon (aka Dragon bane weapons) (like the Soulfire).
He does call in a few Apes during his fight. Once you manage to kill him, loot his Jagged Blade of War

Once you are finished with this part, you can go hunt the last item, which is a Tunat Muram Tongue.
This can only be found on Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax in Tacvi

The Tunat Tongue

Once you have finished the key quest and have access, you can now go to Tacvi via Fink in Kerra.
Once there, you'll encounter a ghost close to where you zone in.
Hail her, and then tell her you are ready
Upon doing so, she'll "spawn" the zone for you, which is basically an event.

This event is NOT suited for T3 players (despite this quest being Tier 3 based).

After the first room you get into, the zone splits into two ways, South and North.
Each of these hallways again, splits into two ways, left and right, nothing fancy.
In each of these rooms you'll encounter a mini named, and the following named are a tiny bit harder.

When all the rooms are cleared, return to the ghost and tell her you finished off the Berserker Generals.

Upon doing so she spawns the main party, Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax and her minions.
Head to the big center room of the map, it does not matter which corridor you follow.

The advisors and councillors will not attack you at all, not even during the fight with Tunat.
Be aware though that he has quite the amount of hitpoints, and during the fight you'll see the following message more frequently:
A hatch in the floor near the Tunat opens, as creatures begin pouring out. BEWARE!
No actual creatures come out, and even though you keep hitting him just as hard,
he starts taking damage a lot slower the more this message comes, and the lower his health gets.
Once he's dead, you can loot his Tongue (he actually drops 5, so nearly an entire group can do this part)
(Which is pretty recommended if you are below 65K AC)

The Turn in

Once you have gathered everything, return to The Electric Janitor in Qvic
Give him all 4 items and he will reward you with:

The Electric Dog.jpg

Congratulations on finishing this quest!

You can turn this into Kinglykrab the Exchanger in Kerra for alternate versions.

Next Quest

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