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This will be the TLP section of the wiki. I am not going to recreate the wheel here, in fact most things just require a little digging or found on the Main Page. Over times quests and items have been forgotten or lost. Now they being rediscovered / reused the TLP.

Getting Started

Tajken Leveling Guide - This is a guide to help new players level and have a good start!

Current TLP Hot Zones


Majority of the progression can be found on the Main Page. I am mainly going to create what has been forgotten and asked many times on the TLP server. Mainly how to access certain zones and or expeditions to progress through the TLP.
I will not be listing any thing special other than access and armor quests here. The amount of content of each tier to big and will go into a different category.

Tier 1 - Doesn't require any special key, you can follow the original Tier 1 guide

  • Mold are dropped in Karnors of random things, Axers have been known to drop helmets and boots the most frequent.
    • Mithril is dropped of Aviaks in South Karana, you can get there by telling the teleporter "KFC".

Tier 2 - Doesn't require any special key for the armor portion, you can follow the original guide Tier 2 guide.

  • Tacvi is also apart of Tier 2, please see side quests on how to gain access to this.
    • NOTE! There are two places to get tier 2 molds, Kael ring in Uqua and Kael it's self.

Tier 3 - First zone to require a key, which can be found on the Plane of Time page.

  • Once you gain access to the zone you can follow the orginal Tier 3 guide
  • Qvic is also apart of Tier 3 and is great xp until 87. You can access Qvic by doing the quest located in the side quest section.
  • You will need to farm Metzger coins in order to do Tier 3 armor. Please go to Metzger TLP to see how to farm them.

Tier 4 - Potorment, Lfay and more! As usual there is a previous guide made for Tier 4.

  • There is some mixed information as we do not have Steamfont available on TLP so some of that guide will be misleading.
    • You can gain access to this zone by killing Pocahontus in Buchterblock and hail the orc.
      • Upon zoning in you will find the Mistmoore merchant which has some very nice upgrades which will require Mistmoore tokens. Ruj token vendor is in the fort and requires faction to gain access.
      • Core of Tier 4 is in Lfay and requires more work than the previous tiers. Here you will need to faction to dubious to even step foot into the fort that has all the quests.
        • To gain faction you need to turn in Green and Blue Metal to Horash the Bee. Blue is worth more than green so its up to you what you want to farm. It took me roughly 40 Blue Metal to go from KOS to Dubious, you need ally so there is a lot of work to be done. Warning according to the tier 4 guide you do not want to go max ally.
        • If you want the quickest way of getting faction it would be to do the Hunters task from Caidoz Thantos. Hunters spawn fast and die fast so its quite the easy task. The trade off is you get no pieces needed for your tier 4 armor.
          • Once you are dubious you no longer have to turn into Horash, you can head to the fort and turn in Blue and Green Metal to the barbarian twins just inside the entrance for much more faction gain.
          • Faction up date, I did 46 turn ins to Horash the Bee. That brought me to dubious, I then did 28 turn ins to the Barbarin brothers for ally. Grand total of 74 Blue Metal for ally.

Side Quests/Farming Zones/Augs etc....

The Wind Bridges (rujc) - Farm type 12 augs here!

Instrument of Godlyness (IOG) -- Tier 1 - Tier 5 - One of the very first weapons that you will receive around Tier 1, this is one of the MUST haves on this server.
Plane of War -Tier 2 - Type 11 and 2.5 augs and Boss Event Spawner - Requires files found on page
Frostcrypt - Tier 2.5 - This place is small but has some of the best armor you will see tell Tier 3 and maybe even Tier 4.

Tacvi Key - Tier 2.5 - Gains you access to Tier 2 zone for extra stuff!
The Goblin Betrayer -Tier 2 quest - The necklace is a very strong item increases Magic Damage by 150%.
Chardok B Access - Tier 2 quest - Gain access to Chardok B
PoTorment Crab Event - Tier 3 -4 - Drops contain for Sayrns Tower key and a quest item for a very good aug.
Cragbeast Queen - Tier 3 - Quest that give you access to Qvic
Plane of Sky Epic - Tier 3 - 4+ - Great quest for weapons, most can start getting the first one around the begging of Tier 3.