Summoned Pet Love

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What does this page stand for?
Simple, Summoned items that give pets some much needed loving!
By now there are a lot of summoned items that can be given to pets.
Just an fyi, for those that do not know or realize, you can give the armor and weapon crates, directly to your pet, you do not need to give the contents one at a time.
Where does what come from, what does it look like, what does it do, and what does it cost?

Magician Spell Summoned Items

First of, there is Armor and Weapons summoned by mage spells that can be given to pets.
Here are the highest level ones, which are also the best in this set, but not the best there is to get.


Summoned Mage Weapons.jpg


Dark Imbued Phantom Crate.jpg

Dark Imbued Armor 1.jpg

Dark Imbued Armor 2.jpg

Dark Imbued Armor 3.jpg

Guk Points Purchased Summoning Goodies

Kehn Kohski in Barren sells several goodies that can summon pet items.
Here is what's what.

This item can be purchased off him, for a whopping 80 Million Guk Points!

Mach Era's Blades.jpg

As visible, this item requires you to be Level 103 to use, and will summon the following item :

Phantom Satchel.jpg

This Satchel contains 2 of the following weapons.

Rapier of Mach's Era.jpg

This item can also be purchased off of Kehn, for a stunning 300 Million Guk Points!

Summon Phantasmic Armor.jpg

As visible, this item requires you to be Level 105 to use, and will summon the following item :

Phantasmic Darktouch Crate.jpg

In this container, you'll find the following items :

Phantasmic Armor 1.jpg

Phantasmic Armor 2.jpg

Phantasmic Armor 2.jpg

This item also comes from Kehn, and costs a little less then the armor, 270 Million Guk Points!

Summon Dead Rangers.jpg

This also requires Level 105 to use, and will summon you the following item :
Coincidentally, this is the same item as you get from the Mach Era's Blades, but it will contain different weapons.

Phantom Satchel.jpg

In this Satchel you'll find 2 of the following weapons :

A Dead Ranger.jpg

Necropolis Summoned Armor

In order to obtain the item to summon the armor, you need a brand new currency :


The merchant that sells stuff for this currency can be found in Barren.
It is incredibly expensive though, since Necropolis currency is resonably slow to be obtained.
Nonetheless, when you do manage to scrape together 200 Necropoloons, you can purchase the following :

Summon Necropolis Armor.jpg

This item also requires you to be Level 105, and will summon you the following :

Necropolis Crate.jpg

In this crate, you'll find the following :

Necropolis Armor 1.jpg

Necropolis Armor 2.jpg

Necropolis Armor 3.jpg