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Currently, there are no active special events.
Please check back on Major holidays and Special days!

Promo Bot (17th Anniversary Promotion)

Gives you 10 items which means you need 10 bag slots available.

Gives you 8 pieces of visible gear. This gear is named Studded Sizzler Pig Hide (Armor Piece). It's pretty good the BP is 5.8k AC and 17k HP/Mana/End. Also gives you the two pieces you need to turn IOG 2.5 into 3.0

Savior Akkadius the Developer God (2019 Binary Upgrade Promo Bot)

Gives you some good non-visible gear (IE. Back slot is 5.5k AC and 54k HP), a weapon aug, a type 19 aug and a type 15 aug as well as a Muse Goon.

Santa Hippy (Christmas Promo)

Gives you some visible and non-visible gear that may be redundant with the other promo bots as well as a 10 slot bag, a chest of Kromzek tokens (99 currency), 100x The Blue Pill and 25x Experience Clicky Mk. 1 and a backflag for Sleepers Tomb Tier 2.



This event ran from Halloween 2016 until December 1st 2016
This quest can be done with a group of level 65's, or easy solo at level 100.
You can also get your hands on some neat items, if you kill the flying Jive Turkey's.
(Be warned though that those turkey's are quite a bit tougher then the quest related mobs)

Mr. Hallow Jones, for your fun halloween items

Mr. Hallow Jones can be found in West Karana (qey2hh1).
He's found in the middle of the zone, in a hut on the edge of the farm fields.
Talking to him reveals that he's after all sorts of wierdness, and wants you to collect it for him.

When you get the quest you will have to do the following:

  • Loot 1 Jack-O-Lantern

The Mighty Jack can be found way north on the edge of the zone line in the center, it is a really big scarecrow.
He drops 6 no drop no trade heads.

  • Loot 10 Zombie skin
  • Loot 10 Werewolf skin

Both of these can be found by the dozens all over the farm fields next to Jones.
The skins are not a guarantee drop per kill,
and the Zombie skins are more common then the Werewolf ones,
so you'll be most likely killing several more of each.
Once you manage to gather them all, your journal will update, telling you to hand them all in (piece by piece, not in a stack) to Jones.

Once you hand in the final item, you will be rewarded with: 10K platinum, and

Halloween Shovel.jpg

Even though the effect says Iksar, the clicky actually makes you a gargoyle.

You can keep it, or turn this item back in Jones, to have him create an expedition.
This can be done with up to 72 people.
If you accept, you will be ported to a version of unrest.

The expedition is not to be done with lower levels, or "low" dps.
With less then, and this is no joke, a few million DPS, you are going to be in for a long fight

There is a 2 Days and 22 Hours lockout on the Expedition once you succeed!

In the expedition you will face The Statue of Unrest (A Gigantic female stone statue).

She does not hit hard at all (it's Halloween after all), but has 2 billion HP, and regens fast, so you will need a TON of dps to kill her.

If you do manage to kill her, you will receive 5K platinum, and the following:

Guk Purest Ore (5,000,000 Guk Points).jpg

Also, you can loot the statue, it will have dropped multiple Unrest hands:

Hand of unrest.jpg

It is a clicky mount.



15th Anniversary Promo Bot

This even will run from June 1st to July 4th!

Upon talking to him he says the following :

Wow can you believe it, Raid Addicts has been running for 15 years (June 2n 2002-Current),
Pretty Amazing! I have been authorized by the King to give you a
WARNING : YOU MUST HAVE 11 Bag Slots Free before using this npc. If you already have T5 Armor,
You should probably use this npc with another char on your account because that's what this gives you.

If you click the reward option, you'll receive the following :

Note : This is for ONE Character PER ACCOUNT!


This event ran from December 17th 2016, untill Januari 10th 2017!
Even though Christmas is not yet here, or (if you read this after the 25th) already gone, this event is in the spirit of Christmas!
This "quest" is very simple. There's an NPC in Suncrest Isle (see photo)

Santa Hippy, for a Merry Christmas, for everyone!

Hail him, and he will tell you:
HO HO HO, Merry Christmas young <race>. Would you like your reward?
WARNING : YOU MUST HAVE 16 Bag slots free before using this npc.
Once you click the reward, you will receive the following!

Note : This is for ONE Character PER ACCOUNT!

- 150K Platinum Pieces
- A Full suit of T4 Armor! (Bracer x2, Arms, Head, Chest, Legs, Boots, Gloves)
(Unless ofcourse you already have this armor, since it's lore)
(normally originates from doing this quest Tier 4 Armor)
- 1x The Binden Concerrentia (unless you have it, since it's lore)
- 25x Experience Clicky Mk.1
- 25x Strange Blue Metal
- 1x Paladin Goon (Bot)
- 1x Epic 4.0 Plans

- 1x
Christmas Backpack.jpg

- 100x
The Blue Pill I.jpg

- 1x
Christmas Power Source.jpg

Enjoy your items, and a Merry Christmas!


This quest ran from December 25th, until January 10th, 2017!

Word up front

This quest takes about 20 minutes to complete, and is very much worth doing.
The reward is even better then any quested or dropped versions so far!
Some places can be quite rough if you decide to do this as a low level character.
You can do this with an entire group or raid, since the respawns are instant, but every item is lore, so you can not pick up more then one of each.

The quest

Santa's Hippy helper, for a Merry Treasure hunt, for everyone!

Talking to this guy, reveals that he requires help obtaining back his lost and stolen items
The quest you get from him is called : Christmas spirit is here!
And reads to do the following:

Care for a swim!? I need my Candy Cane! (Acrylia)

As the quest already indicates, you have to go to Acrylia Caverns.
When you land inside, dive in the water, and follow the way it leads.
After about 5 seconds, you'll reach The Evolved Burrower, and just behind him is the orb for the Candy Cane.

Bring me some 'dirty stockings', these can be found on a staircase! (Vexthal)

As indicated, you need to go to Vex Thal.
In VT, head to the staircase with the guardian in front of it.
Just upstairs, on the right side, on the corner of the stairs, is the orb for the Dirty Stocking.

Bring me my 'snow man' that evil Vox stole it from me (Permafrost)

For this part you need to go to Permafrost.
If you are with a group or more, you are gonna have a hell of a time navigating through this tight dungeon, so a summon is recommended.
The orb you need for your snow man, can be found in Vox' Lair, just in front of her.

Find and deliver me a 'Decoration'! You might have luck near the zone line to steamfont (Codecay)

As indicated, you need to go to Codecay, a.k.a, The Ruins of Lxanvom.
When you use Fink to get to Codecay, and you'll land in the zone, turn around and click the bone throne behind you, once.
You'll land in a new area with a green lit sculpture.
In the hallway to the west, there is a Spectre of Corruption, and just in front of her, on the edge of the disc on the floor, is the orb for the Decoration.

Find me a tree! Christmas is coming and I don't yet have one! (Nexus)

For this part you simply need to go to the Nexus.
When you land in the zone, the orb you need is right below your feet.
For some reason, this is the only one that can be buggy to pick up.
If you experience this being so, try facing west / southwest, while having the event wolf to your right and a bit behind you.
(standing on the edge of the visible tile crossing is a good spot, orb on the right of you)

HAHA this one might be a toughy! Find me a Snow Flake! But I hear there is a turtle that might help you...(Iceclad)

As indicated, you need to go to Iceclad for this.
When you enter the zone, you'll find yourself on the docks.
From there, head west across the island you are on, towards the small islands behind it.
On the small island that is just before the Spirit of Lodizal, you'll find the orb you need.

I need a wreath!!! you can find this hanging behind a chair! (Lfaydark)

For this part you need to go to Lesser Faydark.
In the South (and a tiny bit to the east) corner of the zone, where all the spiders are, there is also a gigantic throne.
Just out of reach of the KoS spiders, you can find the orb, on the edge of the throne.

I need a Egg, yes a egg..... Try the castle... (Chrushbone)

This part is also quite easy.
In Crushbone, head to the castle, go inside, and on the mini throne, behind KingDakura, you'll find the orb on the edge of the throne.

My friend needs a tree can you find it? I hear that Naggy has a rather decent Christmas Spirit! (Soldungb)

This part takes place in Nagafen's Lair (Soldungb).
Now for this part also, if you are doing this with a group or raid,
you will have a hard time navigating them all together all the way to Nagafen's Lair, and therefor a summon is also recommended!
Once you reach the lair, the orb is just in the front center.

I need my wifes picture, I lost her years ago and I can't have Christmas without her! Last I heard she was near a throne. (kael)

As indicated, you need to go to Kael Drakkal for this.
Simply make your way to where normally King Tormax spawns.
Just in front of the throne, you'll find the orb you need.

The reward

When you have gathered all needed items, return to the hippy helper in Suncrest Isle.
Once you turn in your last item, you will be rewarded with:

Christmas Power Source Mk.II.jpg

Congratulations on this very nice reward, and a Merry Christmas!

==14th Anniversary Promotion Bot==

Promotion Bot, located in Suncrest Isle, who gives out tons of freebies!

This years promotion bot was found in Suncrest Isle and gave out the following goodies once per account:

This event ran from June 2nd 2016 for roughly 2 months