Sleeper's Tomb: The Ancients

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Word up front

This is a hard difficulty Tier 7 raid. Only allows 36 players in this mission. These can be killed in any order.

The Quest

This quest starts by talking to The Partisan of Sleepers Tomb in Sleeper's Tomb.

  • The Ancients


Kill 1 Kildrukaun the Ancient 

Casts Typhoon Breath Mk.II

Kill 1 Tjudawos the Ancient 

Casts Crumbling Earth Breath Mk.II and Avaricious Sojourn Mk.II

Kill 1 Vyskudra the Ancient 

Casts Lightning Breath Mk.II

Kill 1 Zeixshi`Kar the Ancient 

Doesn't cast anything.

The Loot

Kildrukaun the Ancient
Tjudawos the Ancient
Vyskudra the Ancient
Zeixshi`Kar the Ancient