Rujarkian Disturbance

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Word up Front

This task is obtained from A Raid Leader in Barren.
Similar to the Arena mission, this mission requires you to be level 65+ to obtain the quest.
This mission is a small step up from the arena mission in difficulty.

This mission has a 2H lockout.
This mission has several augmentations and platinum, which help as a stepping stone towards advancing.

The entire zone, ALL MOBS BESIDES THE BOSSES, are rooted.
So a Mass pull, is out of the question!
Bosses can drop non visible armor parts, Experience Clicky's (advised to save untill level 104), and augs.
Items are at least level 60 required, and have mostly 3 aug slots (slot 8/7/3).
Here are some examples of the augs:

Prismatic Crystal Fragment.jpg Petrified Girplan Heart.jpg Rune of Astral Celerity.jpg

Basically all boss mobs have around the same hitpoints, have the same hitting range, and level.

The Quest

The quest itself reads the following :

 Kill 1 of the residents of the Drudge Hollow

This part as logic dictates, easily completed.

 Kill 49 of the residents of the Drudge Hollows

This is the exact amount of mobs found in the entire zone, including the named.

 Kill 1 The Tunnel Digger

Following the map, this guy can be found in first open west room.

The Tunnel Digger.png

 Kill 1 Sentinel Dircum

This one can be found in the room north, straight above the Tunnel digger on the map.

Sentinel Dircum.png

 Kill 1 The Minecrafter

This mob is found, coming out of the Sentinel room, take a left, and straight at the next crossroads. At the next set of crossroads, take a right.

The Minecrafter.png

 Kill 1 The Executioner

This is the big boss. He can be found in the very last room on the top/left of the map.

The Executioner.png

Once you kill the final mob, whether it be The Executioner or a trash mob, your quest will complete and you will receive:

A Large crate of Guk coins (100000 Points).jpg

Congratulations on finishing this mission!