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Welcome back to Raid Addicts!

DISCLAIMER: Large amounts of this pertain to the non TLP server - If you do not see some of this content it is because you are on TLP and the content does not exist yet.
A brief overview of changes in the last year:
If you're a returning player, who hasn't played in quite some time, it can be fairly confusing seeing all of the new changes, if not overwhelming.
If you last played back when the level cap was 87, the level cap is now 125.
Getting to level 115 is extremely easy, but 115 - 125 is a long and tedious grind, but well worth it.
Tier 5 and Tier 6 content recommends (and in some cases) requires level 105.
More and different loot / purchase options also open up at level 115!
There is now also a New player guide (N00B banner on the main page), with detailed information on lots of topics, this might come in handy as well.

One thing that you may immediately notice is that Barren, the player hub, now has many quest NPC's and vendors in it, as well as parsers & trainers compared to before when it had very little.
Fink, the teleporter, will now port you to any zone of your choosing. Use the #fz command to find the zone shortnames (I.E #fz Karana).

To facilitate a better solo-play experience, Mortenson has added a Several bots that you can quest for, purchase, and loot.
You'll also notice that Mortenson has added several Daily Expeditions, and the NPC's to get them from.
They offer a wide variety of content - The first you may notice is the New Players Gear Daily Mission expedition, which has 75 raid bosses from Tiers 1 and 2 to kill.

Additionally, there now are :

Each expedition, with the exception of the very easy solo one, has a daily reward ranging from 1,000,000 Guk Points or more.
The tougher ones, and Endgame, go up to 10.000.000 Guk Points as a reward
Guk Points have a much more important use now than before.
They're used in the purchase of Tier 2 Armor, Tier 3 Armor, and components of Tier 5 Armor.
Also for purchasing other Gear and Weapons, Augments, and Level Skip item 1 or Level Skip Item 2, and Level skip 3 item (no link for it yet), for your alts. Several Augments can also be traded.

Jumping right back into things

(There is no bots on TLP, ignore this section if you are playing on the TLP server).
The first thing you'll likely want to do, if you're planning to solo, is get your Bots.
Follow the Bots Guide in order to obtain your Bots. That guide also has a brief overview of how to use the Bots, and useful commands.
You can also always type #Bot Help for more commands.
If you're boxing, or have a group, or already have bots, you'll want to establish where your gear is at.
If you're still in Tier 1 or 2 Armor, Tier 3 armor can now be purchased from Kehn Kohski in Barren for 5,000,000 Guks.
You may be thinking thats a lot, but thats only a day or two of dailies MAX!

The Easy Solo, Old School Raids, and Easy Group missions are all able to be done fairly easy little gear, and reward 1,000,000 Guk Points each.
As a side note, if you do not have your IOG, Justin Kohski sells an item called Remnants of Lardo Mk. II for 130,000 Guk Points.
This item will skip characters to level 100, and also reward you with IoG 1.0, which is a massive DPS increase.
There is in the meantime also an Lardo Mk.III version, which costs 50M guks, but gives IoG 2.0, Tier 4 Armor, and some non visual armor items.
Please do note that this item does NOT work if you already have done your IoG 2.0 Quest!
There now is also a Lardo Mk.IV version, it costs a whopping 420M! Guks,
But gives IoG 2.5, a full Tier 4.5 Armor & Non vis armor.
Forgal Tradesmoker Barren now sells Augmentation Distillers.
Additionally, to put multiple augs of the same type on one item (despite that they read non lore),
you now open the Augment Pool, or Elemental Axes in Suncrest Isle, place your item and the augment inside, and type #aug or #augmentitem.
On ROF2, to remove augs, simply left-click the aug while inspecting your item. You still have to have the proper distiller in your inventory to do so!
With the UF client, you have to put the item, and the distiller in the aug pool and use the above command.

If you're in need of Platinum, you have a few choices!
Tasks in Lesser Faydark (T4) reward 75Kpp upon completion.
The Greater Dragons Head Task (used in Tier 3) rewards 50Kpp upon completion, but can be a little time-consuming.
Mobs in Direwind (T5 Zone) drop a few hundred Platinum per kill. Not as effective as the tasks, but still worth a mention.
The Easy Solo and Easy Group missions drop plenty of plat per kill, as do the mobs in Valdeholm. (A zone used for the T5 Armor hunt)

If you're a Pet Class, you may want to look into AA Ron in Suncrest Isle.
The Pet Enhancement augments that he sells in exchange for AA points are vital to playing any pet class.
Additionally, he will trade AA points for a right-clickable Stonewall item for non-tank classes, but it can be a grind to finish up.
Grinding AAs is much simpler now than before. Any mob in the world can drop AA tokens ranging from 50aa to 10,000aa!
Dailies such as the Old School Raids Expedition guarantee at least a few thousand AA per character per lockout.
Mird is also a great place to farm AA tokens.

Good luck on your adventures, and Welcome Back!!