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About Raid Addicts /// Getting Started

Raid Addicts is one of the longest-running EverQuest Emulator Servers around.

Server GM: Mortenson If you have problems which cannot be solved via asking in /ooc, contact him.
If you see something that needs to be updated or changed on the Wiki contact Mortenson
The server consistently reaches a population of 100+ during prime-time hours, and around 40-50 at other times, making it one of the most consistently-populated preferred servers.
There are multiple active guilds here, and its fairly easy to find a group.
There are several Bots available here for you to use, which are obtained via quests. This makes the vast majority of content up to T5 soloable.
Boxing is completely allowed, and there is no limit to the amount you can box.
Additionally, MQ2 is allowed - However, things like warping or plugins that play your characters for you are NOT allowed.
If you are going to be boxing, it is also recommended to use third party software like WinEq

Obtaining the Client

Supported clients are Underfoot and ROF2. To get the most out of the game, you will want to download ROF2, which you can get from: EZ Server
Follow the guide on that website for instructions on how to unzip the files as well.

Connecting to the server

1. Visit the Raid Addicts Website and download the Server Files
2. Extract the ZIP file to your EverQuest directory. NOTE: Its always recommended that you make a backup of your dbstr_us.txt and spells_us.txt files, JUST in case, or make another copy of your EverQuest Directory.
3. From there, you should be able to open up your EverQuest Client, look for Raid Addicts under the Preferred Servers List, and connect!
4. If this is your first time using EQEmu, you may want to check out the Getting Started guide on the official EQEmulator website.

VIP Credits

This server was designed in such a way you do not need to purchase VIP credits in order to progress.
VIP can be obtained from the Casino , or "Dogmeat".
"Dogmeat" is a pet , that you get from doing any of the combines for fallout gear from loping plains / tradeskills.

The server has a special Donator Zone, which is in Freeport Temple. Visit this zone by using the #peqzone freeporttemple command, or by telling Grand Archanist Fink freeporttemple.
Everything available in this zone is achievable without VIP credits.
The Donator Zone offers merchants to purchase items with VIP credits.

The Donator Zone also offers event spawners if you cannot locate a specific NPC spawned while playing.

Setting Up Discord

Discord is a free-to-use Text and Voice Chat app designed with gamers in mind.
EQEmu and Raid Addicts use this service so that players can freely communicate with each other,
and so that you can always keep an eye on whats going on in the world. They also have a mobile app
1. You can download Discord from here. Install it wherever.
2. Use This Link to connect to our server.

Using Tools Like Allah and Magelo

Allah is an amazing tool, and something that can be used to find out several things, such as:
- Respawn time on Mobs
- Mob loot tables
- Spell Effects (Not always 100% accurate)
For a more detailed guide on how to use Allah and Magelo use the How to Use link.


MacroQuest is allowed, so long as you're the one sending commands to your characters.
This means NO BOTTING, NO WARPING, etc with it. Read our MacroQuest guide here.
You can download a proper version of MacroQuest right here.

Starting Fresh

  • When starting out new you will land in Vex Thal. It has been overhauled and custom tuned for new players and give you a feel of what Raid Addicts is about.

If you open your inventory you will see a few items already in your bags. Take a look around and you will see a lot of npc's there for you.

The Welcome to Raid Addicts quest will have you walk around and talk to many of the npc's in Vex Thal.

Check them out, you will see a few items cost nothing so make sure to pick those up.

Talking to Merchant Nildar he will offer some beginning quests. Just past him you will see some rodents in the hallway, you will also see a glowing orb on the ground. Make sure to pick that up, it's a book that Mortenson has created to help guide you on your way. You will find many books throughout the game that he has made to help you.

The progression is pretty straight forward through Vex Thal. As you progress through Vex Thal you will run into Phase npc's that give you quests to keep you moving forward.

  • Make sure to talk to The Artisan and pick up her quest. Once completed you will be given an aug that increases in power as you gain more tradeskill recipe's.

Optimizing Progression/Catching up

  • Feel free to play through all the older content and get your equipment the good ol' way. It can be very enjoyable, but it is not vital on your first character.

If you want to get up in gear and level to start competing/raiding end game content, below are some suggestions for streamlining that process.

  • You can bypass the level 1-100 course by purchasing Remnants of Lardo.
  • You can buy Tier 2 Armor from Kehn in Barren. If you do this, attempt easier daily missions, farm guks and start buying Aug's from Kehn to power up your armor.

Oranges are your friends and can be traded. Once powerful enough, or with a mentoring friend, seek out your epic 3.0 and after that the epic 3.5 aug quest.
Hint: The mob for the augment can be found in Tenebrous Mountains (top of castle on the balcony) and in the Floating Room in City of Mist.
These aug is truly worth it, and the quest is repeatable, so get as many that you can fit into the appropriate slot until you replace them later with drops or Kehn purchases.
Getting fully auged in all equipment slot is a high priority. If you are still having a hard time doing Epic 3.0 in your fully auged 2.0 gear, you may want to start working on Tier 3 Armor.

See the guides in this wiki for more detail on that.

  • AA Coins are obtained via NPC drops. If you are a pet class, buy your pet aug from AA Ron, and upgrade to platinum quality ASAP, even before Tier armor progression or Epic!

The food purchase from AA Ron is also a great stat boost.

  • Start with your Daily Quests, such as the Old School Raid Bosses , given by "A Raid Leader" (New player gear daily mission).

Each boss mob should be checked to see if they drop a non tier armor upgrade. You'll receive 100,000 guk points and 5 random AA coins upon finishing.
This question also collaborates with Diabolik Pain's quest, which gives you your druid bot. Pick up that quest before you do the raid for the first time.

  • As you progress through putting augments in the Tier 3 Armor, test yourself against the other daily missions.
  • Once you can start to solo the mobs in Lesser Faydark, start your Tier 4 Armor quest.

Follow after that with Tier 4.5 and Tier 5 Armor, and eventually, with the necessary help, Tier 5.5.

  • As your progress to Tier 5 you will need a little more help from other people.

  • The Instrument of Godlyness (IOG) quests are incredibly fun and vital to playing later. This has equal priority to T4 armor if you can defeat the fights.

  • Tier 4 armor requires faction and it can be a bit of a grind. It takes time, so if you think you may want to multi-box, I would suggest doing them for all your characters.

The drops are often multiple, especially for the 4.0 epic and armor quests.

  • Once you start hitting Direwind and/or finish off your 4.0/4.5 armor, remember that the mobs associated with the epic quests are some of the most farmed in game.

They all drop 100 spells and have great equipment that can take you through Tier 5.
Fippy is farmed for weapon augs and the Almighty Wombahhh has great weapons and an augment that would be worth it if it was the only drop.