Missionary Hob

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Word up Front

All of the below takes place in Eastern Wastes.
Please be aware that this zone's content is designed to be Upper Tier 5 / Lower Tier 6.
Unless you are very capable, these mobs shouldn't be attempted unless you can kite them around.
On top of that, this zone gives you a permanent Coldain illusion (as long as you remain in the zone),
And drops your AC by around 50K for a few minutes, which is why this place is not suggested as simple tank 'n spank farm zone.
Your AC will be restored to regular after a few minutes.
This is when normally the illusion wears off (you'll get a message that you are starting to feel like yourself again),
But after the 3rd notification (this is where it normally ends), the illusion remains, and your AC will be back to normal.

The Information

NPC for repeatable Eastern Wastes Quests

This NPC gives out a total of 11 quests.
Only 1 of them can be done once, the rest are infinitely repeatable.
Below are the quests with the requirements, and additional information if applicable.
Most of the mobs can be found roaming throughout the entire zone.

  • Hob's Tasks (Kill task I)

Kill 15 Rhino
These are non KoS.

  • Hob's Tasks (Kill task II)

Kill 15 Ulthork
These are non KoS.

  • Hob's Tasks (Kill task III)

Kill 15 Dervish
These are the snow dervish, and will also update Task VI!
This task should always be done together with Task VI for double reward.

  • Hob's Tasks (Kill task IV)

Kill 15 Kodiak
These are non KoS.

  • Hob's Tasks (Kill task V)

Kill 15 Dire Wolf
These are non KoS.

  • Hob's Tasks (Kill task VI)

Kill 15 Snow Creatures
This means ANY creatures with the name Snow in it

  • Hob's Tasks (Kill task VII)

Kill 15 Mammoth
These are non KoS.

  • Hob's Tasks (Kill task VIII)

Kill 15 Ry'Gorr
These can be found wandering all over, or in/around certain camps.
These DO NOT social agro, and are IMMUNE to run speed changes!

  • Hob's Tasks (Kill task IX)

Kill 15 Giants and Mercenary's
These DO social agro with other giants and Ry'Gorr, and are also IMMUNE to run speed changes!

  • Hob's Tasks (Kill task X)

Kill 15 Walrus
These are non KoS.

Scouting the Lands

Each quest, besides the Scouting the Lands quest, rewards you with 1x :

Coldain Velium Shard.jpg

These, once accumulated enough, can be spend at Dobbin Crossaxe in Eastern Wastes
For Weapons, Augmentations, and new Pet spells & Heals.