Legacy Boss Mobs

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Word up front

This mission is mostly designed for those that are still somewhat struggling with the medium daily missions.
It can be done of course by anyone, but this is the gap-filler mission between the Easy Dwarfs Solo and Easy Dwarfs Group and the Medium daily missions.
This mission consists of 6 Bosses.
They all have a surprising amount of health, and hit for a max of around 100K (depending on your setup).
There is no dropped loot besides AA tokens and Guk Points, this is by design.
This mission can be done with a minimum of 1 players, and a maximum of 6.
You have 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete this mission, and there is a 24 hour lockout.
This mission roughly takes 10 to 20 minutes, depending on your DPS setup.

Talk to this guy for a Legacy boss mob killing mission

The Quest

Talk to the An Elder Cyclops, who can be found between the Magma Dweller and Honorable Protector in Barren,
and he will tell you that he has many fond memories from his ancestors and Ancient times.
If you tell him you would like to go see, he will offer you an expedition.
The mission is called : Ancient Times (solo/group), and your quest will read as follows:

* Kill 1 Resident of the Oasis

This kill comes automatically with the first kill you make, on any mob.


This is the Imp right in front of you, of where you land.

* Kill Lockjaw

He can be found to the left of the docks where you zone in, along the water side.

Kill Terrorantula

This thing can be found on the other (west) side of the zone, and it is frighteningly big!

Kill Ancient Cyclops

This one eyed monster is already to be seen from where you zone in, straight ahead.
Ancient Cyclops

Kill David Bowie

He can be found in the bottom of the lake, in the tower, it is a red oversized Goblin.
David Bowie He has a short leash, so he can not be pulled out of the water, you have to fight him in it.

Kill Meet Joe Black

This guy can be found on the specter island, in the top of the tower.
Meet Joe Black

When you kill the last mob, your quest will end and you will receive:

Guk Pure Ore (1,000,000 Guk Points).jpg

Congratulations on finishing this fun mission!