Kael Drakkal

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Word up Front

This mission / Raid is currently thé hardest and toughest there is. It is far beyond Crystallos, and also beyond Dragon Necropolis and Tower of Deathknell.

NPC to start the Kael Mission

This npc can be found in Eastern Wastes, at the zone in point / dwarves camp.
When you talk to this A Frost Giant Defector, the following will happend :

Those bastards. I used to be a great vindicator for them, however now they are just all whiners and complainers, so I left.
Now I stand just out here alone, perhaps if you were to get [
rid] of them, I could return back to my normal life?
Also I have some [
Tier 6 Instructions] to create some armor if you like..

Tier 6 instructions

Clicking on Tier 6 Instructions will give you a popup window with the following :

Bring Him :

Kael Battle Breastplate Mold.jpg

(Found from Mobs inside Kael Expedition) (and amongst other t6 zones)

Pure Symbol of King Taffton.jpg

(Found on King Taffton's Corpse)

Kael Power Source.jpg

(From Finishing the Kael Expedition)

Heroic Lighttouch Plate Breastplate.jpg

(A Gladiator Quest in Barren)

The Mission

Clicking on rid, the Deflector will tell you :

Well thank you, yea I have this mission [Death to the Giants]

Clicking on Death to the Giants will get you the option to start the mission.

Kael Mission start.jpg

Once inside, you can make your way through Kael, one way or another.
Your journal will tell you that you need to kill the following mobs :

Kill 1 Noble Liaare

Kill 1 King Taffton
Kill 1 Vindicator Morlok
Kill 1 Kozel the Devastator

Noble Liaare
King Taffton
Vindicator Morlok
Kozel the Destroyer

I recommend your Tank stats be somewhere between 600k AC and 650k AC to tank this content efficiently. Less than this, you'll be in for a rough time. These mobs hit hard.
For now, your journal will read Kozel the Devastator, whilst the mob is named the Destroyer, this will be changed.
The first boss you'll encounter is Noble Liaare.
He can be found in the building area to the right, when you get to the junction where on the left side,
the iceramp (where on live the wolves would spawn), can be found, and the bigger building.

Once you make it to the big intersection, that splits into 4 ways, you can go :

  • Left past the bank towards the King, which spawns at the same spot as he does on live, right in front of the throne.
  • Straight ahead towards the Wakening Lands zone.
  • Right up the ramp towards the Arena.
    • In the Arena area, the Vindicator can be found where he is on live as well, roaming up and down the bridge in the back of the arena.
      • Behind that area, in the building with the secret hallway, you can find Kozel, on the spot were in live the Statue of Rallos Zek could be found.


If you do manage to actually get through all of this, you will be rewarded with :

Kael Power Source.jpg

Which can be used to create your T6 armor.

Loot Examples

This zone is really worth trying to conquer, and most suggested to team up with friends, guildies, other (strong) players.
Here are some loot examples :

Belt of Taffton.jpg -- Valiant Axe of Taffton.jpg -- Ring of King Taffton.jpg

Silvery Mask.jpg -- Ring of Kozel.jpg