Hunter Shooten

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Word up front

NPC in Eastern Wastes to talk to for this task

This guy can be found in Eastern Wastes in the hut in front of you when you zone in.
Talking to him will reveal that he needs work done for the coldain.
Accepting his task will give you the following quest.
All of these bosses are considered to be Tier 6 qua difficulty.
There are no specials or tactics on these mobs, they all are tank and spank, they just hit REALLY hard!
It is not possible to snare/kite these, and only a warrior can tank these due to their defensive system.
This task can be repeated.

Shooten's Task

Shooten requires you to kill a few gone-rogue NPC's :

  • Kill Boridain Glacerbane
  • Kill Ekelng Thunderstone
  • Kill Fjloaren Icebane
  • Kill Icefang
  • Kill Rodrick Tardok
  • Kill Warden Bruke

Below is a map with locations where these can be found.

Eastern Wastes Map Shooten's.jpg

When you manage to kill your last one, you will be rewarded with :

A Jar of Coldain Velium Crystals.jpg

This item, when used, turns into the following :

10 X Coldain Velium Shard.jpg