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Bots, or "Goons" as they're known on Raid Addicts, are used to enhance solo play and drastically increase your capabilities. Use #bot help for a list of commands. The following Bots are currently available:

BOT Commands

Bots are controlled with "#bot", followed by the command. To view a list of commands (available here), type "#bot".

With recent updates "^help" is the command that will give you a list of **all** commands that you can issue bots. "#bot" has been made an alias for legacy and macroquest purposes. You can put these commands into hotkeys to save you time and set your goons up for your particular play style. A good example of time-saving is to combine the spawn command with the /invite command so they join your group immediately. Remember these commands have to be executed through /say if you put them in a macro.

Certain commands are considered 'Actionable' this means that your current target is the default but you can add arguments to the command like 'byname JoesFighter' to get a specific goon to execute that command even if you aren't targeting them.

Certain commands you can use the argument 'all' to make all your bots do the same thing. Like ^summon all will bring all your bots to you. ^attack all will cause all your bots to attack your current target.

Important General Commands

^list - Will give you a list of bots that you have available to you. At the start this will be only the Warrior. Goons follow the naming convention of (Name)s(Class) like JoesFighter or BobsSavior

^spawn (Name) - Will spawn the named bot.

^attack - Will cause all of your spawned goons to attack your target. Takes the argument of 'all' to make them all do it.

^stance - Will report stance and/or change the stance the goon is using currently. Defaults to your targeted one but you can address them by name (IE. ^stance 7 byname SmithsArcher) 1 = Passive, 2 = Balanced, 3 = Efficient, 4 = Reactive, 5 = Aggressive, 6 = Assist, 7 = Burn. NOTE: If you played on live you may notice that some of these stances are similarly named to those on Mercenaries.

^summon - This will summon the targeted goon to you. Also takes the argument of 'all'

^inventorylist - Will list the items your goon is using. Including links to the equipment you can click on and inspect. Defaults to your currently targeted goon.

^invwindow - Similar to ^inventorylist but will pop up a window showing the items your goon is using without links to inspect. Only works on your currently targeted goon.

^inventorygive - Will give the goon the item that is currently on your cursor. Defaults to your currently targeted goon. Goons can receive and equip NOTRADE items that you acquire.

^inventoryremove (Slot#) - Will make the goon give you back the item that is in Slot#. Defaults to your currently targeted goon. Slot# is the # from ^inventorylist.


There are Seven (7) classes available as bots and they are Warrior (Fighter), Monk (Monk), Druid (Savior), Ranger (Ranger/Archer), Wizard (Wizard/Caster), Paladin (Knight), Bard (Muse) and Cleric (Healer).

Warrior Bot (Fighter)

  • All players begin with this bot. It has basic functions, such as taunting, and basic use of abilities.
  • Does low to moderate DPS with gear. Tanks decently to start.
  • You can set the goon's stance to 1 (Passive) to stop them from attacking early on. Just remember to turn them back on if you want them to help.

Important Warrior Bot Commands

^taunt - Will toggle the goon taunt status (Defaults to ON). This is good early on if you have a better tank and are just using the goon as extra damage.

Monk Bot (Monk)

  • Obtained from Amber the Flame Spirit in Barren.
  • She tasks you with bringing her A Noble Sewing Needle and Stud Files.
    • You can buy the Noble Sewing Needle for 32256 Platinum from Tanlok Harson
    • You can buy the Stud Files for 28274 Platinum, also from Tanlok Harson
  • The Monk bot is low to moderate DPS with gear.
  • Can acquire Instrument of Godlyness (Melee Bot) for 5,000,000 Guks giving them an IOG proc early on. With recent changes to the server this will be changed in the future and Monk Goons will likely have their own built-in IOG effect which will make them a better choice as you will be able to give them two weapons and they'll be able to make the most of them.

Monk goons are usually one of the first bots people acquire after starting. They are low to moderate DPS, capable of some light tanking and do not generate a large amount of agro. The only thing is acquiring the amount of platinum to buy the pieces to get it but most players will have plenty of plat to spare if you really need it.

Druid Bot (Savior)

  • Obtained from Diabolik Pain's Many Ancient Foe's (Tier 1 Players) in Barren.
  • This bot comes with the IOG effect, and can heal for up to 900K+ when geared properly
  • Pair this with your other bots to become an unstoppable machine

Druid Goon is acquired at mid-level (~65ish). Unless you do the Cleric Goon quest or someone gives you a Paladin Goon it is probably one of the first goons that heal you acquire. As a healer it does not melee but it will buff the group with druid buffs, heal the group when people are taking damage and in general makes a group much better.

Ranger Bots (Ranger/Archer)

  • Obtained through spending Guks at Kehn Kohski in Barren.
  • Ranger Goon costs 10,000,000 Guks
  • Ranger Goon II costs 50,000,000 Guks (NOTE: This is the same as the other one, it just allows for a second ranger goon)

Ranger Bots are versatile in that they can do melee DPS as well as do physical damage from a distance by using archery. This will keep them out of harms way for things like small AOEs, Rampage and Wild Rampage type effects. As the Ranger class also gets the ability to taunt (defaults to OFF) they can as well but using a ranger goon in this way may result in it dying quickly, particularly if undergeared. Ranger goons using archery generate very little agro and will be unlikely to be targeted by mobs and killed prematurely.

Important Ranger Bot Commands

^followd set (#) - Sets the distance for a goon to follow you. I usually set this number to 800. Defaults to current target. ^archer (on/off) - Toggles between melee and arhcery or turns it on or off explicitly (Default: Melee). Defaults to current target.

Wizard Bots (Wizard/Caster)

  • Obtained through spending Guks at Kehn Kohski at Barren.
  • Wizard Goon costs 10,000,000 Guks
  • Wizard Goon II costs 50,000,000 Guks (NOTE: This is the same as the other one it just allows you a second Wizard Goon)

Wizard bots do spell damage. Wizard goons do high DPS but also generate a large amount of agro. For tanks early on they can steal agro from you and get themselves killed easily so be careful.

^followd - Like the ranger bot you can set wizard goons to follow a further distance away keeping them out of harms way. ^sml # - Sets the current stop melee level. You probably wont need to mess with this unless you give your wizard a melee weapon you an them to hit with like something with a nice big DD proc.

Paladin Bot (Knight)

  • Obtained by defeating Meldrath the Malignant in the Daily Medium Mission Stage 10.
  • This bot, is mostly designed to help solo players.
  • If properly geared, of course, this bot can tank all the way up to T5 content!

^taunt - Like the warrior bot you can toggle it's taunting capabilities if you are a better tank and just using it for DPS and/or extra healing.

Bard Bot (Muse)

  • Obtained from the Anniversary Event as of this writing. There will be a means to obtain it another way later on.
  • This bot buffs the group with effects such as Hand of the Muse, Aria of the Goon, Anthem of the Goon and grants some Shaman Buffs (Doomscale Focusing line).
  • If equipped with gear it will melee and do some mediocre DPS. It will also cast chants to do some DPS as well.
  • Introduced in 2019

^sml - Short for Stop Melee Level. You can change this so that the Bard Goon stays behind

Cleric Bot (Healer)

  • Obtained by doing The Maestro's Collection Task in Loping Plains.
  • This bot buffs you with cleric buffs like Temperence/Hand line. It also heals with spells like Renewal of the Cleric Goon.
  • This bot goes through a lot of mana so gearing it up is important
  • Introduced in 2019