Experience Potion Quest

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Note: This quest is doable at around 65+ with "decent" gear.
Task Giver: Trainer Halabar in Barren

Trainer Halabar

Talk to Trainer Halabar in Barren (also the soulbinder).
Talking to him about Shissar Eggs reveals he needs four of them.

You say, 'Hail, Trainer Halaber'
Trainer Halaber whispers, 'Hello young Unknown, My master has told me to give you easy quests. The follow items are needed at the moment: Shissar Eggs'
Trainer Halaber whispers, 'I also have the ability to bind your soul. Simply say bind my soul and I will make you return here on death.'
You say, 'shissar eggs'
Trainer Halaber whispers, 'Yes, the Shissar Eggs can be found in Ssraeshza Temple. Use the teleporter to get there.'
Trainer Halaber whispers, 'Bring me four and you will be rewarded.'

Talk to Grand Archanist Fink, telling him "ssratemple". You can also use the "#peqzone ssratemple" command.
While inside Ssraeshza Temple, you might also want to grab the Emperor's Key quest from the Dark Elf behind you when you zone in.

Kill Shissar until you obtain at least 4 Shissar Eggs. For every 4 Shissar Eggs you obtain, you will be given the experience potion.

Return to Halabar. Upon giving him 4 Shissar Eggs (separate, not stacked) at a time, you will receive experience, and:
Elixir of Greater Learning

Clicking this effect will give you 100% experience gain for 15 minutes.
Note: This does not stack with the Kings Extended Learner ViP buff!