Dragon Necropolis: Realm of Jaled Dar

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Word up front

This is a hard difficulty Tier 5 raid. Only allows 72 players in this mission.

The Quest

This quest starts by talking to An Undead Necromancer in Barrens.

NPC to talk to in the Barren for this mission

  • Dragon Necropolis: Realm of Jaled Dar.


Kill 200 Trash Mobs
Kill 1 Jaled Dar 

Jaled Dar is mostly tank and spank. He does spawn 1-2 dragon adds every 20% or so, they have few hps. However as a failsafe mechanic, they only spawn once, so if you wipe, they likely won't spawn next attempt.

The Loot

Jaled Dar


This quest is required, as 1 of 9 to obtain Brilliant Globe of Necropolis Type 19 Aug.