Death to Ayonae Ro

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Word up Front

NPC to talk to in the Barren for this mission

Combat strategics, if necessary, will be added in the future

This zone is to be considered Upper Tier 6.
That means that you should be able to handle Crystallos and Dragon Necropolis (well), before you have a decent shot at being succesfull here.
This zone is designed to take up to 60 players.

The Mission

your journal will read as follows :

Kill 1 Lurch
Kill 1 Legion
Kill 1 Ayonae Ro

Lurch is tank and spank, nothing special to speak of. Legion will spawn adds that rush the room, otherwise nothing fancy. Ayonae has 2 adds with her, they cannot be mezzed, pacified or snared. General tactic of pulling her out of room, killing adds, then killing her.

The Reward

Besides the additional loot drops, when you finish your mission, you will be rewarded with :

Diamond Coated Guk Ore (10,000,000 Guk Points).jpg