Dave the Treant

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This quest takes places in Lake of Ill Omen.
It is an alternate version for great experience, and a tad of loot, versus Direwind.
It is also slightly harder then Direwind.

You do not have to do this quest to get experience here.
This is an open free for all experience zone, the only thing this quest does if give you a neat boost in exp when you complete it.

There is no time limit to the task, and it's also unlimited repeatable
All you have to do is kill 150 creatures in Lake of Ill Omen.

There also are 2 mini's and 2 big bosses in this zone.
They do count as a kill for the quest, but are not required for it.

The Mini's :

Dark Creation - Can be found in the small ruined tower west/southwest of Dave
Grunion - Can be found to the left of the Veksar entrance

As for survivability, for comparison, a Shadowknight with 170k AC, proper buffs, in offensive,
can get hit for up to 600k, averagely for 300k.

The Big Bosses :

The Lizard King - Can be found on top of the Castle entrance to the Sarnak tunnels, west of the map
The Sarnak King - Can be found in the back of the Sarnak Tunnels, west of the map

In case of the big bosse, same Shadowknight, same buffs, this time in defensive,
gets hit for up to 100k. Without Defensive this can go up to 330k. In offensive, this amount remains the same, just occurs more.
Be aware that the Lizard King and his entire entourage comes together, so a pacify or mez is preferred here.
Unless ofcourse you are confident enough that you can take em on all at once.