Crystallos: Lair of John Frum

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Word up Front

This quest is newly introduced since November 12th 2016.
The zone requires a minimum of 6 people, and up to 72 to be done.
This zone is listed as EXTREMELY HARD. A lot harder then Anguish, even harder then the three planes raids, so be prepared!
For example: A tank with 105K AC, and 800K HP, has ZERO survivability in this zone (no this is not a joke)

Even at 150K AC, trash and named can still hit you for 1M+ dmg.
On top of that, the mobs have extremely high damage shields.
So it is pretty clear that you are going to need a Defensive tank with 150k+ AC!
Besides the tank, melee dps (not ranged), are also required to have atleast 100K+ AC,
otherwise they will die real soon from the dmg shield effect of these dragons, and not to mention the wild rampage.
Each dragon citizen also has different stats, abilities and effects.
Another thing to note, is that the dragons are more resistant based on their appearance.
(Like a blue dragon is more cold resistant etc).

The Zone boss, John Frum requires an insane amount of DPS.
This is absolutely not a zone to be underestimated, or to be tangled alone, even if you can manage a 24+ crew.

Absolute requirements for this zone :

  • Enchanter. Simply because you are going to need to mez things, and chain rune the tank.
  • Healer. Well this speaks for itself.
  • Shaman. Their debuffs are insanely helpful.
  • prefered addition : Druid with 5.0. This because their 5.0 clicky is invaluable for debuffing mobs.

Quest information

Talk to A Gladiator in Barren.
Telling him "Send" him, will give you a pop-up window to accept the expedition:


Accepting ok will port you to Crystallos, Lair of John Frum

Subquest, Required

  • Overseers Task

Inside Crystallos, you'll find a side quest, that is also required to be completed,
in order to get the Zone Boss, and GOD, John Frum to spawn.
This quest can be obtained from Production Overseer Akkadius,
who can be found in the far lower left room (blue room on the map), he is in a safe area.
To get to him, you either need to have fought there, or send in a rogue with sneak/hide, the mobs in this zone will not see them.
Only 1 player per raid will require to have this task, and it is suggested to pick this up before killing any of the bosses listed below.
The gathering part for this quest can be done at any time, you do not have to have an entire raid wait on someone to finish these parts.
The big room with the gigantic dragon statue, will below be referred to as ; the main room, this in order to help navigate.
The task will require you to do the following:

All of these items look like tiny sun orbs on the floor, and can be hard to see due to the textures of the zone.

Deliver 1 Crystallos Golem Part 1 to Production Overseer Akkadius

This very first one is easy, and can be found in the corner of the hallway, just before you go in to the main room.

Deliver 1 Crystallos Golem Part 2 to Production Overseer Akkadius

This part is the furthest away from the main entrance. It can be found by crossing the main room,and into the doorway on the north (green area on the map).
Go all the way through the tunnel system until you get to another gigantic room, in there, go up the ramp at the end,
through more tunnels, until you get to the third room, just behind the small golden dragon statue with the hourglasses besides it.

Deliver 1 Crystallos Golem Part 3 to Production Overseer Akkadius

This part can be found by continuing onward from the room you just got part 2 in, and into the room at the end, with The Emerald Snake in it.
From the main room, you can see this "window" on the far top left, on the other side of the room.
In that window area, you will find the third part.
You can also get to this part by going over the left wing (when facing the statue) of the statue in the main room, and from there, use levitate, and a mount.

Deliver 1 Crystallos Golem Part 4 to Production Overseer Akkadius

This part can be found on the right wing (when facing the statue) of the statue in the main room.

Deliver 1 Crystallos Golem Part 5 to Production Overseer Akkadius

This part can be found in the room with the King of Trolls.
To get to this room, go down the slope, under the gigantic dragon statue in the main room.
Follow the hallways, through 2 rooms, until you get to a 3rd, rather large room.
In the center is the King, and left and right are 6 small pit area's.
In the right row (west), the middle pit, on the floor, is where you'll find part 5.

Deliver 1 Crystallos Golem Part 6 to Production Overseer Akkadius

This part can be found, if you continue from the Troll's room, onto the next room.
In this room, you'll find 6 more pits, with in each pit, 3 bowls.
The pit in the far right (southeast from when you enter the room), the bowl on the most right side, has the part you need.

Deliver 1 Crystallos Golem Part 7 to Production Overseer Akkadius

For this part, continue on again from the room you found part 6 in, and towards the last room.
In this room you'll find Malficor, and 3 flying monkey's.
Be aware that these monkey's, DO see rogue sneak/hide!
When entering the room, hug the left wall, and follow it to the end with the rocks, in front of there, you'll find the part.

Deliver 1 Crystallos Golem Part 8 to Production Overseer Akkadius

This part can be found just outside the room of The Knowledge Cheeta.
To get to him, you need the follow the hallways PAST the Overseer that gave you this task.
(On the map, these are displayed as light blue hallways).
Just before the very last room where this Cheeta is, on the left side, in mid air, on eye level, is the orb you need.

Deliver 1 Crystallos Golem Part 9 to Production Overseer Akkadius

This part can be found on by going into the hallway on the far left end from the main room (north, and slight west).
On the map, listed as purple and brown, go through the tunnels, and in the 3rd room (final room as well of these hallways),
just in front of the ice wall, you'll find your orb.

Deliver 1 Crystallos Golem Part 10 to Production Overseer Akkadius

This last and final part, can be found by going into the first tunnels to the right, in the main room (red tunnels on the map).
In the second room, you'll find 2 ramps going upwards, just under the feet of the dragon next to the table, is your final part.
If you were to follow these hallways, you'll end up in the volcano where, for now, the "ghost version" of John Frum is.

Noteworthy about the Snake, is that he casts Gravity Flux, and a DoT.
The DoT itself isn't so much the issue, but the ending is rather painful.

For those that have been doing Maestro of Rancor in Plane of Hate, this guy is quite simular in strength.

Malficor comes with 3 Flying Monkey adds.

These are a good amount tougher then the mini's, but can actualy "easily" be dealt with.
The trick to this is, to pull them far away from where they are, and where Malficor is,
and keep them chainmezzed. (have a chanter constantly mez them, and keep em in that state).
When you manage to kill Malficor, get everybody out of the area,
and summon your chanter away from where he or she is standing holding these Monkeys.

This one is the easiest mini of the zone, and has nothing special that he does.

As far as further general information goes on these nameds, highly prefered is getting chain runes from an enchanter,
and ofcourse having a ton of dps present, mostly just to burn through their regen.

When eventually you manage to complete all of these steps, you'll be rewarded with:

Ingredient of the God.jpg

This part is required, to be able to bring John Frum alive!.
To do this, you'll need to bring this item to Chief Isaak Wan Nikiau.
He can be found in the last room, (after where you got the 10th golem part), before entering the tunnels that lead towards John Frum.
Now since JF is a GOD, there will be some lore to this part.
Hail the Chief, and he will tell you the following :

"Greetings, <playername>. I have been hoping John would return from his rich lands...
The genius Akkadius created him by accident, and has since been locked away in this cave.
I am here to keep him out of phase, so that he isn't causing any damage.
However, if you think you are brave enough to bring me and ingredient of the god, I will pull him out of phase for you".

When you do have the Ingredient, upon turning it in to Chief Isaac, he says the following :

The God has been Spawned! (how nice and doomsday-like)

The Main Quest

The quest itself reads as following:

* Kill 1 Dragons

This part is quite a simple task, but quite hard to complete.
There is nothing that can be of helpful use here, besides a real kickass tank, lots of heals, and high dps.
Once this step is done though, your journal will update, telling you now to :

* Kill 1 John Frum

Assuming you fulfilled the collection quest, and cleared the nameds,
You can now have a shot at testing your skills against the mighty God John Frum!
Besides being on incredible gigantic bastard, Frum is nearly completely spellresistant!
He casts a very nast Aoe DoT, called John's Wave of Pestilence,
and it increases disease counter by 600, and decreases HP by 253k per tick!
It lasts for 6 hours, can NOT be cured, and only can be removed by dying.

Dispite his buff description saying he regenerates 79M HP per tick, he actually regens roughly 20% PER TICK.
His total amount of Hitpoints is near 2 Billion HP..
Even when you have a ton of dps and which is enough to take him on,
chances are quite good you'll see his hp bouncing up roughly 20% per tick.

Besides having the above described DoT, he also casts Gravity Flux like the Snake,
and at times, other nasty AE nukes.
Sad but true, you have no time to actualy take note of this,
because the dps required to do him, will have to be so high that he won't live long enough to use his entire repertoire.
The biggest problem he forms though for melee, is his Wild Rampage.
This is almost by far the biggest hurdle of this encounter.

IF, and WHEN you actually manage to kill him, you'll finish the quest, and will be rewarded with :

Diamond Coated Guk Ore (10,000,000 Guk Points).jpg

Frum will drop a ton of the above guk tokens, and 10K AA tokens, and several pieces of T5.5 Molds.

Congratulations on finishing this epic quest, mob, and zone!