Chef Camosam

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Word up Front

NPC in Eastern Wastest to talk to for this quest

This guy can be found in Eastern Wastes, roaming between the huts, or inside the hut with the merchant (where you zone in).
Talking to him, and accepting his task, will result in him telling you he misses his Stew.
If you do some collecting of ingredients for him, he'll gladly share some of it with you, and a little something extra for the effort.
This task is worth the effort.
Not only does it coincide nicely with the tasks from Missionary Hobs, but the food is quite a lot better then the best bought food from AA Ron.
This task is repeatable

The Task

It basically is an easy enough task, it just takes quite some time,
because it requires killing, and the components are quite uncommon.

  • Deliver 1 Mammoth Meat to Chef Camosam
  • Deliver 1 Tundra Kodiak Meat to Chef Camosam
  • Deliver 1 Poisonous Manticore Stinger to Chef Camosam
  • Deliver 1 Fatty Walrus Meat to Chef Camosam
  • Deliver 1 Wooly Rhino Meat to Chef Camosam
  • Deliver 1 Ulthork Meat to Chef Camosam
  • Deliver 1 Rabbit Meat to Chef Camosam
  • Deliver 1 Dervish Essence to Chef Camosam

When you turn in the last of the ingredients he requires, you'll be rewarded with :

Camosam's Coldain Stew.jpg


A Jar of Coldain Velium Crystals.jpg

This item, when used, turns into the following :

10 X Coldain Velium Shard.jpg