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Word up front

NPC for the Medium Daily missions, both solo (1-6) and group (6-18)

Atiiki is not suited for those that aren't yet capable of getting past Medium Mission 7 (Xegony).
This because Xegony in those missions is a change in difficulty, and is a fairly equal to the toughness factor of this zone.
Recommended, but not required for this zone's stats, is around 100k AC, which should come with around 700K HP.
Even with a 115K AC tank, the mobs, trash as well as named, can hit for around 200k dmg. (either combined hits or single hit).

This mission can be obtained via the same An Honorable Protector in Barren that gives you the medium daily missions.
Instead of the grrrrrrrrr line, you click the Yipe! line.

Recently this mission underwent a change.
It used to be a 3 hour timer to complete the mission, and it would require you to kill 300 trash mobs, rather then 150.
Also the drop rates have increased on several mobs, with the intend of making this zone more attractive to do.
Aggro range has dropped tremendously, to also make it easier to navigate through tighter area's.
Now this mission has a 5 Hour and 50 minute duration, and a 24 hour lockout.
This mission also has a required participants of 1, and a max of 24.
This mission can easily take up around 2 hours of your time, if you complete it.

When you find yourself in Atiiki, you'll notice a walrus called Arney.
He sells (what appears to be gimp) armor, of all 4 classes (leather, cloth, chain, plate),
at a price range of around 985k guk points for the cheapest, up to 3.5m guk points for the most expensive.
These items however, if filled with the proper augs, become BETTER then the T4 armor!
It is advised NOT to purchase any of them, until you manage to find the augs throughout this zone to match the armor.
Arney can also be found in the regular zone version of Atiiki, where you can go to via Fink in Barren.

Here are some examples of the above armor when filled with the proper (and in this zone dropped slot 16 and 17 augs):

Worn Leather Desert Boots.jpg Worn Desert Plate Vambraces.jpg

Recommended for this zone, is a mage for summoning, since you'll need to manually click each member into the pyramids (unless you can summon).
Also recommended is a shaman (or if you don't have one, an enchanter), to slow the Emperors, as these can be slowed, and shaman provides butter support in a group.

Each Emperor drops a 1x Guk pure ore, and sometimes an armor item, or a slot 17 aug.
The Lieutenants and any trash mobs have a chance to drop armor parts, zone specific augs, or slot 16 augs.
Both of these slot 16 and 17 augs are needed to fill the armor sold by Arney, as mentioned earlier (to make the armor properly good).
You can choose NOT to finish the mission, and only kill each Emperor, to purely farm their dropped Guk points.
Then when all 5 are dead, leave the zone and mission, and restart it.

Sometimes, you'll find an extra named in the zone, called The Desert Lord.
It will not always be up, and it will not always drop loot either, he looks like Bertox, and is just as big.
There is also another named called The Desert Witch.
She is always present in each new zone, and can randomly drop loot or augs.

The mission Desert Villains [group/raid]

As said, talking to the protector in Suncrest Isle, and choosing the Yipe! option, will give you this mission.
Inside Atiiki, there are several possibility's to go upstairs to the desert where your adventure can begin.
Now the way this quest is described here, is not a rule to be followed, but a mere suggestion.
The mission requires you to do the following:

* Kill 150 Tacky Atiiki mobs

This will come gradually throughout your killing spree, there is no real route or something you'd have to take for this.

* Kill 8 Lieutenants

These you will encounter throughout the zone when going through the Pyramids, as explained below.

* Kill 5 Emperors

These you will also encounter throughout the zone when going through the Pyramids, also explained below.

On the map you will notice 4 pyramids.
3 on the top side of the map, and 1 to the left bottom.
There is also a tiny pyramid, mostly underwater on the right bottom side of the map.
Each pyramid has the almost the same layout to navigate through.
For each Emperor and Lieutenants, you'll need to get to the third (top) floor of each pyramid.
If you turn off your height filter on the map window, it's quite easy to see how to navigate through these pyramids.

Lets start at the north center pyramid.
(this is the part where a mage is handy, since on the top of each pyramid is a circle you need to click, to enter the pyramid)
On the inside, you'll find yourself, on three of the four pyramids, at the bottom floor.
In this pyramid, once you manage to fight your way through all the floors up to the top floor,
you'll find Lt. Derek, and Lt. Kayle-Roam, and Emperor Tvez.
Each can be single pulled and slowed.
The Emperors have roughly the same amount as Xegony from medium mission 7, but do not regen as hard.
When you manage to kill them, it's time to move on to the next.
(This is also where a mage would come in handy, you can just simply invis, run out, to the next, click the disc to go inside and summon your group) :)

In this case we move on to the one to the right (east).
In this pyramid, the same story goes, fight your way up to the third floor, to encounter Emperor Zarn.
In this particular pyramid, there are no Lieutenants.
When you manage to kill him, move on to the next one.

Next we move on to the left on (west).
In there, once again on the third floor, you'll encounter Lt. Aphra, Lt. Chorn, and Emperor Tuaznet.
Once again you managed to kill them, you can head on to the next one.

In this case we go to the southwest one.
In here you'll encounter some different mobs then in the previous pyramids.
These look like ogres, and ghost ogres, called Cloudbringers, Deathbringers, Deathdealers and Deathknights.
It can be that these hit a tad harder then the rest, they also averagely drop more platinum then the rest.
On the second floor of this pyramid are the "regular" mobs again.
On the third floor, you'll encounter Lt. Rarn, Lt. Xalph, and Emperor Garwin.

When done, it is time to head outside and to the next pyramid, which is also the last one.
If you followed the route taken in this guide, by now you should have done 6 out of 8 Lieutenants, 4 out of 5 Emperors, and around 110 to 120 trash mobs.
If not, absolutely no problem, you will get your kills either way.
The last pyramid can be found in the southeast corner of the zone, in the water, it is just sticking out of it.
Clicking on the circle ports you inside a tunnel system, that leads to a small pyramid at the end.
In this last pyramid, you don't have to fight up towards the third floor either.
In here you'll encounter Lt. Tarz, Lt. Zaot, and Emperor Caliao.
When you have finished your last Emperor and Lieutenant, regardless of which route you have taken, you should have around 130+ kills listed in your journal.
That means that all that is left, is a few quick trash mob kills, to finish this quest.

When you make your final kill, you will be rewarded with:

Refined Guk Ore (2,500,000 Guk Points).jpg

[Congratulations on finishing this mission!]