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Word up Front

NPC for the Hardcore Daily missions, solo, group (6-18) and Raid (1-30)

This zone is seriously not to be underestimated.
This zone requires, without a doubt, at the very minimum, a tank with 100K AC or more, and around 800K HP.
The more ofcourse, the better.
After a certain point, it is resonably strongly recommended to have a second tank present, to catch Rampage hits from the bosses.

Trash can easily hit for 600K, so a defensive disc is also a good idea!
These mobs all have social agro, so on multiple occasions, expect to have multipulls.
If you want to avoid this, a Shadowknight is recommended, for splitting pulls.
Classes like a Cleric are a definite need in this zone, and recommended is a Shaman or Enchanter to slow the mobs.

This Mission can be obtained via talking to A Catacomb Lesser Dread (Harcore Adventures) in Barren.
Tell him "rid" and then "group" to be ported into anguish.
This zone has a 72Hour Lockout.

The task

When you are inside, you'll notice An Old School Raid Leader (Epic 5.0 Quest).
Talking to him doesn't do much, he only tells you that he wants a Globe of Discordant Energy.
These only drop off the big bosses in this zone.

Your quest will read as follows:

* Kill 10 Anguish Trash

These can be found all over ofcourse, but when you manage to cross the bridge, you'll have your 10 kills already.

* Kill 1 Keldovan the Harrier

This is the first "boss" you will encounter.
He's not a normal boss, but a mini.
Nonetheless, he can easily hit for 1 million!

* Kill 3 Tanthi, Tanthu, Tantho

These are the first real bosses, and are triplets, Luckily they are not linked together.
The room they are in, is also decently packed with trash mobs, so clearing them first is recommended.
The trash, as well as the bosses, consider indifferently.
The problem is though, all 3 named need to be kept within 10% of each other, or they will fully regen back to 100%. (Like the Zayne Edinger kill).
They have no special attack, or regen, they just hit hard.
Shaman or Enchanter slow does wonders here, and if you have dps that matches, you can stick 1 on each mob.
This is the first of the bosses that drop a Globe, required for the Epic 5.0 Quest.

When you manage to kill them, your journal will update and now tell you:

* Kill 1 Ture

Ture is a mean big dog looking mob.
He hits extremely hard, even at 110K AC.
Nevertheless, he is basically a tank 'n spank.
The only "trick" that he has, is he debuffs slightly (not as badly as King Tormax though).
He leashes outside his Arena type area, so you will have to kill im inside it.
He also straight away agros when you step inside.

It could be an illusion, but it seemed that the trash mobs AFTER Ture, started hitting harder.
More frequent, and more damage per hit, compared to the trash mobs up in front of the zone.
There is no actual proof to this, but considering how in live, the zone also "builds up" towards the end, it seems plausible.
Consider it for yourself if you find this true or not.

* Kill 1 Warden Hanvar

Now Warden Hanvar is by far the most annoying Boss in the zone.
He is comparable with some old live encounters.
This is also the first boss where you will want to have a second tank, just to make things easier.
(Unless of course you have 150K+ AC, and you feel confident enough to do it with just you as a tank).

Levitate is a good idea for this encounter as well, as he has a large knockback.
He also regularly casts a DoT, that decreases movement, spell haste, and attack speed by quite a bit.

Every 20% of his HP (so at 80, 60, 40, 20 AND at 0%, yes, when he dies as well), he spawns a set of 5 adds.
When they spawn, Hanvar almost instantly regens back to full, this is normal.
He will also take a very slight bit more damage after each set of adds when he regens back to full
The adds rampage quite hard, and also have a fair amount of hitpoints.
You will want to kill each of these waves, before Hanvar comes to his next wave spawn hitpoint percentage,
or you will have to face 5 more adds.
He also drops a Globe required for the Epic 5.0 Quest

When you manage to kill him, your journal will again update, now telling you:

* Kill 1 Arch Magus Vangyl

This guy can be found close outside the final boss' room.
You cannot really pull him far from his spot, as he leashes pretty close to his spawn.
It is recommended though to fight him as close to the wall as you can, in order to avoid the boss adding onto this fight.
He has no special tactics, it's just a tank 'n spank fight.
For this fight also though, you would like to have a second tank, to catch the wild rampage hits that he does (like with Warden Hanvar).

When you kill him, you will only have one more mob to kill in order to finish this mission.
He also drops a Globe required for the Epic 5.0 Quest

* Kill 1 Overlord Mata Muram

Overlord Mata Muram is the big boss of this zone.
He also is a basic tank 'n spank.
Be aware of course that he hits again harder then any of the previous bosses.
In this case also, you'll want a second tank alongside, to catch the rampage hits.
He also drops a Globe required for the Epic 5.0 Quest, often enough, even two

When you do manage to kill him, your quest will end, and you will be rewarded with:

Guk Purest Ore (5,000,000 Guk Points).jpg

Congratulations on finishing this, and most likely obtaining your Epic 5.0!