Tacvi Key

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This quest will allow you access to Tacvi, a Tier 2 Zone

Obtaining the Insulated Ore Refiner

  • Speak with Asatamatasa in Kerra Isle and say "and what" to receive the Insulated Ore Refiner
  • Also say "Refined Asuril" to receive the Chisel
  • You're tasked with retrieving Asuril Ore, Powdered Asuril, and Thick Blue Substance
    • These items drop from the dragons in The Ascent (Stillmoonb)
    • Combine one of each inside of the Ore Refiner to get Refined Asuril
    • Combine Refined Asuril with the Tunat'Muram Engraved Chisel to receive Shiny Asuril Key
  • Turn the Key into Asatamatasa to receive your Tacivi flag.