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Augment Farming

The Wind Bridges (RujC)

  • Type 12 Augments
    • This is the only place to get Type 12s for a long while, so make use of it!
  • Orc Illusion Mask Quest
  • Charm Quest from Another Lost Gnome

Plane of Torment

  • Crab Event drops an Aug Ticket that can be turned in for a Type 8 Weapon Augment

Veeshan's Peak (Level 50+)

This is an older zone meant for newer players to gear up and get some great experience. You can get there from the teleporter in Kerra Isle.

You'll find:

  • Weapons around ~T1 level
  • Guk Coins

Uqua (Level 75+)

Here you will find 5 ring events that can be triggered by hailing the ugly eyeball.