Many Ancient Foes (Tier 1 Players)

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Word up Front

Despite that this quest can be gotten at 65, most of the mobs cannot be defeat at this level.
You are going to need some help, or more levels / gear to be able to finish this.
While you are at this quest, and possibly Diabolik's two other quests, you should also get the Many raids quest from a Raid Leader.
As this will make your progress a lot faster then by hopping through all zones.
Nonetheless you can still go through all the zones if that is what you favor, or for nostalgia reasons

The Task

This quest requires you to kill a total of 20 bosses all over.

The task reads as follows :

  • Kill 1 Keifer the Wolf Slayer (Level 65 required, Begin Phase one)

If you haven't already, get the quest for the epic 2.0 from the wolf before killing Keifer

  • Kill 1 Nitzqu Propaganda Minister

This mob can be found in Tipt

  • Kill 1 Hades Bones - Arena Mission / Karnor
  • Kill 1 Eindride Icestorm - Arena Mission / BOT
  • Kill 1 Soothsayer Dregzak - Frontier Mountains
  • Kill 1 Snaorf - Arena Mission / Frontier Mountains
  • Kill 25 a Mountain giant Craig - Frontier Mountains

These can be found in the fort where Dregzak is as well.
This part is rather tedious though, because of the slow respawn, and only 4 per time.
A fifth also spawns, but only once every 5 rounds that the rest spawns.

  • Kill 5 a furious tizmak warrior - Great Divide

These can be tougher then they appear! They can be found in the northwestern part of the zone in the caves

  • Kill 1 The Shroom King (Begin Phase 2) - Arena Mission / Sebilis
  • Kill 1 Dreksaleq - Arena Mission / Sebilis
  • Kill 1 Grummus - Arena Mission / Plane of Disease
  • Kill 1 Lord Mithaniel Marr - Arena Mission / Halls of Honor B
  • Kill 1 Spirit of Lodizal - Arena Mission / Iceclad
  • Kill 1 An Evolved Burrower - Arena Mission / Acrylia
  • Kill 1 Wuoshi the Forgotten Guardian - Arena Mission / Wakening
  • Kill 1 The Spirit of Cazic Thule - Arena Mission / Plane of Fear
  • Kill 1 Spirit of the Asshole Bossmob - Arena Mission / Karnor
  • Kill 1 Lord Yelinak - Arena Mission / Skyshrine
  • Kill 1 Emperor Ssraeshzia - Arena Mission / Ssratemple

If you are going to the Ssra zone, try getting Experience Potion quest and Emperor's Key quest as well.

  • Kill 1 Derakor the Vindicator - Arena Mission / Kael

The order does not matter at all in which you kill it in, and once you kill the final mob on this list, you'll receive:

Helping Hand of Diabolik
And 75K Platinum

The real reward

Turn this hand back in to Diabolik in Kerra and you'll receive nothing visible, besides a line of text.
This text reads : <playername>Savior saved as bot <number>. (For example : MortensonsSavior saved as bot 8093)
That means you got your druid bot (which you can check by typing in #bot list and enter in your chat).
Like the rest of the bots, you can spawn it, and invite it to your group to help you along.

Three helpful commands to make sure your bot is healing you in combat are the following:

(You might want to make a macro with this, since you need to redo this every time you spawn your bot)

Line 1 : /target <playername>Savior (like for example /target Mortensonssavior)
Line 2 : #bot healrotationcreate (like the name says, to create a heal setup)
Line 3 : #bot healrotationaddtarget <playername> (Like #bot healrotationaddtarget Mortenson)
Line 4 : #bot healrotationclearhot (this makes sure he focusses more on straight healing)

Congratulations on finishing this quest. Remember to gear the bot up as best you can for it to be really effective! Have fun!