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Welcome to the Raid Addicts Wiki! Be sure to grab the latest Spells File and keep an eye on the Changelog.
For Wiki editors only : Before submitting a new zone page, please review the Zone Page Template

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This wiki page is under nearly constant editing due to changes, and/or updates of the server.
Besides that, I myself (the wiki editor), also try to go through these quests completely, to be able to provide as best as possible, detailed information regarding the quests.
This is all done in perspective of the future, and to be able to help others along on this server.
Some content might / will take longer to be completed than other, please have patience regarding this, keep in mind that, like Mortenson, this is done in spare and private time to help others.
The staff wishes that you enjoy your time on this server, and you can always ask questions in game, and/or on the forums, discord, or Facebook!
Contributions also have been made by Valnir and Rusang

Right here you can see picture examples of this Wikipage in the past, and how far it has come since.
With that in mind, thank you for your respect and patience regarding the development of this page!

Most Recent Updates

The wiki and it's progress is on a Semi break for a little while This means information will continu to be added, it just might be somewhat slower after release before it will be on here. Thank you for your patience and understanding. |==|
Arin Kohski page added Basic information available on all missions. Further details on combat strats to follow in the future |==|
Ami (Eastern Wastes) (95% finished - Only missing Bossfight info), and Missionary Hob (Eastern Wastes) pages finished! Good Luck! |==|
Chef and Hunter (Eastern Wastes) quest pages Finished! Good luck! |==|
Added download links to EQ client in the New player guide Noob banner on top of this page |==|
Added the 15th Anniversary Promo Bot information to the Special Events section Enjoy! |==|
Basic information added to the Dragon Necropolis missions Fight information will be added in the future, this might take a while |==|
IoG 3.0 Quest added and finished! No Bossfight information, but everything else is there. Good luck! |==|
Added screenshots to the Tier 5.5 Quest Have fun considering |==|

Tweaking your client

Project will be back on track upon return

Raid Addicts Basics
Getting Started - Basic server information
How to use - Alla & Magelo

Vex Thal - Beginner Zone
Experience zones - A list of zones with information for after Vex Thal - WIP

More information will be added over time to this section!

Plane of Sky - Tier 2-4

DPS Neck - Level 55
Diabolik Pain - Subquests for druid bot, platinum, and quest coins
Arin Kohski - Subquests for Tradesman Guild Chip - NEW
Missionary Hob - Subquests for Coldain Velium Shard + Treasure Map - NEW
Chef Camosam - Quest for Coldain Shards & Stew - NEW
Hunter Shooten - Quest for Coldain Velium Shards - NEW
Class Aug - Epic 3.0 Weapon Augment
IOG Quest - Inventory clickable powerbuff
Tier Quests - Variaty of different tiered weapons & non visible armor quests

Deadbone Reef - Zone to find the Giga Robots - NEW - WIP
Daily Repeatable Missions with 2H lockout
Daily Easy Solo : Rujarkian Disturbance - (Solo/Group, 1-6 players)

Daily Repeatable Missions with 24H lockout
Daily Easy Solo: Old School Raid Bosses - (Solo/Group)
Daily Easy Solo : Dwarf Mission (Solo Version)
Daily Easy Group : Dwarf Mission (Group Version)- (Group 2-6 players)
Daily Intermediate Solo : Legacy Boss Mobs- (Solo/Group, 1-6 players)
Daily Medium Solo : Mithaniel Marr must DIE- (Solo/Group, 1-6 players)
  • This quest has 14 followup missions! - WIP
Daily Medium Group : Atiiki - (Group/Raid, 1-24 players) (Tier 5)
Daily Medium Group : Western Wastes - (Group/Raid, 1-24 players) (Tier 5)
Daily Hardcore Solo : Dranik Catacombs (HARD)

Daily Repeatable Missions with 2Days 21H lockout
Daily Hardcore Group: Anguish - (Solo/Group/Raid, 1-24 players)
(Tier 5 Hard)
Daily Hardcore Raid : Ashengate - (Solo/Group/Raid, 1-30 players)
(Tier 5 Hard / Extreme) - WIP
Daily Hardcore Raid : Plane of Growth - (Solo/Group/Raid, 1-72 players)
(Tier 5 EXTREME)
Daily Hardcore Raid : Plane of Hate - (Solo/Group/Raid, 1-72 players)
(Tier 5 EXTREME)
Daily Hardcore Raid : Plane of Mischief - (Solo/Group/Raid, 1-72 players)
(Tier 5 EXTREME)
Daily Hardcore Raid : Plane of Fear - (Solo/Group/Raid, 1-72 players)
(Tier 5 EXTREME)
Daily Hardcore Raid : Death to Ayonae Ro - (Raid, 1-60 players) - (Upper Tier 6!)
Daily Hardcore Raid : Dragon Necropolis : Vaniki's Demise - (Solo/Group/Raid, 1-60 players) - (Tier 6!)
Daily Hardcore Raid : Dragon Necropolis : Neb's War - (Solo/Group/Raid, 1-60 players) - (Tier 6!)
Daily Hardcore Raid : Dragon Necropolis : Realm of Zlandicar - (Solo/Group/Raid, 1-60 players) - (Tier 6!)
Daily Hardcore Solo/Group : Dragon Necropolis : Resident Cleanup - (Solo/Group, 1-6 players) - (Tier 6!)
Daily Hardcore Solo/Group : Ami's Daily Missions - (Solo/Group, 1-6 players) - (Tier 6!)
Tier 6 Engame Raid : IoG 3.0 - (Raid, 1-60 players) - (Tier 6!)
(This mission is part of the IoG 3.0 Quest, but can still be done every 3 days)
Other Stuff
Special Events (Promotions) - 15th Anniversary Promotion Bot!
Crafting - (Rogue only)

This section is under long timeconsuming WIP,
and will only contain basic class / play & Spell information

External Links

If there is anything wrong regarding information, or needs / can use updating or adjusting, please feel free to contact me in game (Whitness) or send me an Email

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