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Word up front

In this case, for Jerrykaminski (good side) OR Orionkaminski (evil side) to talk to you, (previously you needed MAX ally faction), now you don't have the be maxed.
You are really going to need Levitation of some sort to be able to get up to the area where he is.
To find out how to get to them, please view the Getting the Quest part of the Tier 4.5 section.'
You do NOT need to talk to him in the beginning, as he does NOT give a quest, only information on what he needs, which is described below.

If you have gotten your IoG 2.0 Through the Lardo Mk.III item,you'll need to gain the proper faction to be able to do this quest.
To find out how to do this, please read the Tier 4 page, specifically the Gaining Faction with the Faydark Elite section!

Alternatively there is the Lardo Mk.IV item, that gives you, amongst other, this IoG 2.5.

Starting the quest

Find the Clockwork Guardian XVIII near Akanon entrance in Steamfont.

  • Hail Clockwork Guardian XVIII and she will ask you to prove yourself by giving her the head of Sprocket which drops from Sprocket King of Steamfont.

You can find him at the three windmills, standing between the two that are most distant from one another. (on the map were it says Clockwork (Fletcher) and Bom (Tinker),(To the north).

*Return to the Guardian and hand her the head. Once you do she'll give you the quest called: Akanon Strike Force (TM)

Akanon Strike Force (TM)

This quest requires you to kill 20 nameds in Steamfont Mountains:

* Kill Byrola Bendil - (found at the windmills)
* Kill Nilit Druzlit - (found to the north of Fearonoliop, middle area of the zone to the far north)
* Kill Metallurgist Mirakzin - (found in the next area to the north)
* Kill Freed Fimplefur - (found near the Guardian)
* Kill Glen Garginburr  - (found near the Guardian)
* Kill Oren Furdenbline - (found near the Guardian)
* Kill Frebin Tinderhue - (found at the windmills)
* Kill Fodin Frugrin - (found near the Guardian)
* Kill Finkel Rardobaen - (found to the southwest of the windmills, out in the open)
* Kill Yulcabis - (found to the northeast of Berinsan, northwest of the windmills)
* Kill Jibble Blexnik - (found to the northeast of Berinsan, northwest of the windmills)
* Kill Winex Kloktik - (found to the northeast of Berinsan, northwest of the windmills)
* Kill Bigilam Wantilans - (found near the Guardian)
* Kill Crisyn - (found in the druid ring next to the Metallurgist)
* Kill Galorin - (found to the north of the Plane of Knowledge book)
* Kill Berinsan - (found to the east, and a tiny bit south, of Finkel, also out in the open, inside the gigant dragonbone corpse)
* Kill Dirolensab - (found to the east of Lfay zone entrance)
* Kill Fearonoliop - (found to the northwest of the windmills)
* Kill Diloperia - (found to the north of the Druid Ring, and next to Nilit)
* Kill Forpar Fizfla - (found at the windmills)

Once you kill the last one, you will receive: A Gigaton Defibrillator

Rallos Zek' Mighty Steel

There is no quest for this part. And since Rallos resides in Plane of Tactics, that's were you need to go.

Now before, there were several things needed to be done to get this next part completed.
Since the script isn't properly working anymore, Rallos Zek The Warlord can now be found in the Arena.
This Arena is the Arena part IN THE PLANE OF TACTICS! Not the actual arena zone, or the arena from the daily mission!
Kill him and loot his Mighty Steel.

The Reward!


Head to whichever Kaminski brother you can talk to (depending on your faction) and hail him and then give him the following:

  • 1x Rallos Zek' Mighty Steel
  • A Gigaton Defibrillator
  • Your Sanctioned Nocturne Gigaton (IoG 2.0) - IN PIERCING VERSION (The version you received when you finished the 2.0 quest)

And you will be rewarded with:

IoG 2.5 - Dagger (default, melee).jpg

  • Clicky Effects for Staff/Shield (caster):
    • Increases Critical cast chance (unknown %)
    • Increases spell duration by 175%
    • Increases Spell Damage by 375%
    • Increases Healing by 375%
  • Click Effects for Bow/H2H/1H+2H weapons (Melee):
    • Increases Crit chance for All Skills by 125%
    • Increase Spell Duration by 100%
    • Increase Spell Damage by 250%
    • Increase Double Attack by 55%

As before you can turn in the piercing version of IoG 2.5 into KinglyKrab in Kerra Isle to receive a more class-appropriate version, below are screenshots of all versions

IoG 2.5 - 1HB.jpg IoG 2.5 - 1HS.jpg

IoG 2.5 - 2HB.jpg IoG 2.5 - 2HS.jpg

IoG 2.5 - Bow.jpg IoG 2.5 - H2H.jpg

IoG 2.5 - Shield.jpg IoG 2.5 - Staff.jpg

IoG 2.5 - Dagger (Caster).jpg

Congrats on finishing this quest, and enjoy!!