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The IOG 2.0 Quest is located in Lesser Faydark, from Solusek Ro, who is on Faydark Elite Faction.
You will need to grind your faction up to at least indifferent with him before being able to obtain this quest.
To find out how to do this, please read the Tier 4 page, specifically the Gaining Faction with the Faydark Elite section!
You can however pre-gather all items.

Solusek Ro tasks you to give him the following four items:

Kill all 4, the Unicorn of Demori will spawn. He has 100,000,000 Health and hits hard.The catch is that he is only damageable by MAGIC DAMAGE which makes him a bit more difficult to kill.


Hand all four in to receive your:
IoG 2.0 - Dagger (Melee, default).jpg

  • Clicky Effects for Staff/Shield (caster):
    • Increases Critical cast chance (unknown %)
    • Increases spell duration by 150%
    • Increases Spell Damage by 325%
    • Increases Healing by 325%
  • Click Effects for Bow/H2H/1H+2H weapons (Melee):
    • Increases Crit chance for 1HB by 100%
    • Increase Spell Duration by 75%
    • Increase Spell Damage by 225%
    • Increase Double Attack by 45%

*As before you can turn in the piercing version of IoG 2.0 into KinglyKrab in Kerra Isle to receive a more class-appropriate version, below are screenshots of all versions

IoG 2.0 - 1HB.jpg IoG 2.0 - 1HS.jpg

IoG 2.0 - 2HB.jpg IoG 2.0 - 2HS.jpg

IoG 2.0 - Bow.jpg IoG 2.0 - H2H.jpg

IoG 2.0 - Shield.jpg IoG 2.0 - Staff.jpg

IoG 2.0 - Dagger (Caster).jpg

Congrats on finishing this quest, and enjoy!!