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Bots, or "Goons" as they're known on Raid Addicts, are used to enhance solo play and drastically increase your capabilities. Use #bot help for a list of commands. The following Bots are currently available:

Warrior Bot

  • All players begin with this bot. It has basic functions, such as taunting, and basic use of abilities.
  • Does low to moderate DPS with gear.

Monk Bot

  • Obtained from Amber the Flame Spirit in Kerra Isle
  • She tasks you with bringing her A Noble Sewing Needle and Stud Files.
    • You can buy the Noble Sewing Needle for 32256 Platinum from Tanlok Harson
    • You can buy the Stud Files for 28274 Platinum, also from Tanlok Harson
  • The Monk bot is low to moderate DPS with gear.

Druid Bot

  • Obtained from Diabolik Pain's Many Ancient Foe's (Tier 1 Players) in Kerra Isle
  • This bot comes with the IOG effect, and can heal for up to 900K+ when geared properly
  • Pair this with your other bots to become an unstoppable machine

Ranger and Wizard Bots

  • Obtained by paying 10,000,000 Guk Points to Kehn Kohski in Kerra Isle. See: Daily Expeditions for tips on how to make Guks!
  • Both of these bots do incredible DPS when geared properly, and are a game changer.

Paladin Bot

  • Obtained by defeating Meldrath the Malignant in the Daily Medium Mission Stage 10.
  • This bot, is mostly designed to help solo players.
  • If properly geared, of course, this bot can tank all the way up to T5 content!