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Welcome to Raid Addicts! Just a few quick facts:

  • This server is one of the oldest EQEmu servers around, and still in active development.
    • Active Development means things constantly change, and classes / content get new abilities and changes all the time.
  • Raid Addicts has recently been made to be more solo-friendly!
    • Boxing a few characters is still not a bad idea, however.
  • There are hundreds upon hundreds of raid targets to kill, and hundreds of quests to complete.

Before Getting Started

  • Be sure to grab the Server Files!
  • Raid Addicts supports both Underfoot and ROF2. Older clients may work, but you may not have an optimal experience.
  • MacroQuest is allowed, so long as you're the one sending commands to your characters. This means NO BOTTING, NO WARPING, etc with it.

Optimizing Progression/Catching up

  • Feel free to play through all the older content and get your equipment the good ol' way. It can be very enjoyable, but it is not vital on your first character. If you want to get up in gear and level to start competing/raiding end game content, below are some suggestions for streamlining that process.
  • If you can accumulate 75-250k platinum, or have generous helpers/guild mates, you can bypass the level 1-100 course, and receive all spells up to level 99. This hand in process is done with Lardo the Lazy in Kerra. If you see someone saying they are going to MGB Kingly Blessing or Experience Mk whatever, go to them and wait, the buffs last a week barring bugs, and will help immensely. These items are also for purchase in the VIP system.
  • Guk Coins have had their value increased, which means that you can buy Tier Two Armor from Kehn in Kerra almost right away. If you do this, attempt easier daily missions, farm guks and start buying Aug's from Kehn to power up your armor. Oranges are your friends and can be traded. Once powerful enough, or with a mentoring friend, seek out your epic 3.0 and after that the epic 3.5 aug quest. Hint: The mobs for the augment can be found in Tenebrous (top of castle on balcony) and in the Floating Room in City of Mist. These aug is truly worth it, and the quest is repeatable, so get as many that you can fit into the appropriate slot until you replace them later with drops or Kehn purchases. Getting fully auged in all equipment slot is a high priority. If you are still having a hard time doing Epic 3.0 in your fully auged 2.0 gear, you may want to start working on Tier 3 armor. See the guides in this wiki for more detail on that.
  • AA Coins have also had their value increased. If you are a pet class, buy your pet aug from AA Ron, and upgrade to platinum quality ASAP, even before Tier armor progression or Epic! The food purchase from AA Ron is also a great stat boost.
  • outdated, as this was a limited-time event*
  • The 14th year anniversary bot is in Kerra for now. It will give you T3 Armor, the epic 3.0 hand in items and your IOG 1.0.
    This below part is still true, just not via the bot
  • Hand in your epic pieces to Aragon Deccererem to get your 3.0. After receiving these, start with your Daily Quests, such as the raid given by "A Raid Leader" (New player gear daily mission). Each mob boss should be checked to see if they drop a non tier armor upgrade. You receive 1 million guk points and 5 random aa coinage. This question also collaborates with Diabolik Pain's quest, which gives you your druid bot. Pick up that quest before you do the raid for the first time.
  • As you progress through putting augments in the Tier 3 armor, test yourself against the other daily missions.
  • Once you can start to solo the mobs in Lesser Faydark, start your tier 4 armor quest. Follow that with your 4.5 and finally end with the 5.0. See the quest for the epic 4.0 to continue on that line of progression. The items that drop from the Direwind Epic 4.0 bosses (Almighty WombahhhhH, Fippy Darkpaw Senior, Bluebark and the Elephant king, are some of the best in the game for quite a while.
  • As your progress to Tier Five you will need a little more help from other people. Remember this server is about 98% solo and 2% group.
  • Bots and Bot Gearing. You start out with the fighter bot, if you don't /guidehelp it. The Monk Bot quest is obtained and Kerra and costs platinum. The Druid quest was mentioned above, and the Ranger/Wizard are purchased from Kehn in Kerra. The two ways to most efficiently gear bots goes as follows: 1- Check the drops, especially end the end chest, in the New Player Gear Daily mission. If you can afford it, max their augs. 2- If you have done the Tier 3 armor quests and you have the hand in items still, give your armor to the bot in question (changing armor type with KinglyKrab), and then purchase another full tier 2 set for guk, upgrade them to Tier 3 with the items and repeat. You can do the same in later tiers, creating a full team with max tier armor. Be careful to remove augs you don't want to lose, and also you can't have two sets of lore.
  • The IOG 2.0 and 2.5 are incredibly fun and vital to playing later. This is equal priority to T4 armor if you can defeat the fights.
  • Tier 4 armor requires faction and it can be a bit of a grind. I have done it on 20 characters now, so it is doable. Though if you think you may want to multibox, I would suggest doing them for all your characters. The drops are often multiple, especially for the 4.0 epic and armor quests.
  • Once you start hitting Direwind and/or finish off your 4.0/4.5 armor, remember that the mobs associated with the epic quests are some of the most farmed in game. They all drop 100 spells and have great equipment that can take you through Tier 5. Fippy is farmed for weapon augs and the Wombahhh has great weapons and an augment that would be worth it if it was the only drop.
  • Strategic Donations/VIP purchases- Donations help with a lot of things in server upgrades, etc, but you also don't want to be frivolous with the precious VIP credits. When you can dedicate time to leveling (often people farm the third island in Plane of Air for this) the Mk. 5 experience potion is a great boon. If you are waiting on spawns, or someone keeps beating you too them, this can be a great place to invest in the future. Using the Event Spawner in the Donator Zone (freeporttemple) to spawn the bosses that you can't get. The event spawner is also great for doing multiple box prepping. Using a VIP purchase to get the guk you need is also a good use. Once you feel a bottleneck starting, because you have caught up and competing with the other top players, is usually the best time to use a VIP purchase. VIP is option system and not vital to character enjoyment on server.