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Epic 1.0

Your Epic 1.0 appears in your inventory when you begin a new character. Should you lose it, you can kill trash monsters in Vex Thal and receive a new one.

Epic 1.5

Drop randomly off of monsters in Karnor's Castle.

Epic 2.0

If you haven't already, try to get the Druid Bot quest from Diabolik in Kerra before doing this quest.

The Quest to obtain the Epic 2.0 is fairly straightforward.
Go to Tutorial B (shortname: tutorialb), and seek out the Wise Shadow Wolf.
She will complain that her cubs have gone missing, and ask you to find them!
Head down the cave straight out from the camp, and find Keifer the Wolf Slayer in the back of the area with the gargoyles.
He's a straightforward fight, and drops a Wolf Note.
Hand this item to the Wise Shadow Wolf to receive your Epic 2.0

Epic 3.0

The Epic 3.0 is a fairly straightforward questless quest.
IF you are taking on this quest without high level help, do not underestimate the fight with the master himself.
It takes place in Dreadspire Keep, where you can go to by telling Fink in kerra; Dreadspire.
You will need to collect the following items:

  • Leg of the Chemist from Master Chemist Edward
  • Dark Heart of Count Telowin from Count Telowin
  • Liver of the Councilman from High Councilman Derek
  • Head of the Master from Master of Dreadspire

To do these bosses, you can do two things.
- Either make sure you are T3+ geared, and have capable bots/guildies/friends along...
- OR get someone (high level) to help you quickly kill everything
Nowerdays there are alot of players that can do this part in like 10 minutes for you, and most are willing to help.
(Just don't beg or whine over it, as that will usually yield a reverse effect of getting help).

In case of the first option, The Master probably will pose a problem.
Not only does he hit more often, but he also spawns around 10 adds (rooted lightning clouds) which, since they are a swarm, hit hard.
Sadly, you cannot pull him out of the room as he leashes.
It is also hard to fight him out of range from the adds, since his agro range (if you decide to charge him), is quite large.
Just keep in mind that IF you do this SOLO, you really want to fight him far away enough from the adds.
Also, when heading upwards to the tower where he spawns, you will be ambushed up to 3 times, by a dark elf named Braelon.
This guy hits fairly hard, and will be a decent test, to see if you are up for taking on the master.
Once you have aquired all 4 of the body parts, head back to Kerra to Aragon Deccrerem.(in the basement of the big building)
Hand him the 4 body parts, and he will give you your Epic 3.0.

Epic 4.0

This Task starts in Direwind Cliffs given by The Wurm.

Just a note : You can pre loot all of the below items (like from someone else's kill for example),
though it will be semi useless, since you are going to need the kill credit, in the 2 steps as listed below.
You are going to need some form of tanking to do this.
Even for decked out mages or necros with the good pet aug and buffs, this can be alot tougher then with a proper tank.

She will ask you to do the following:

  • Defeat Commander Farken - loot the head.
  • Defeat Commander Zelena - loot the head.
  • Defeat Commander Sandaormo - loot the head.

** These commanders are considered Mini named, and can all be found in the vampire area's.
** Just clear them all to get these to spawn if they are not up.
** Be ware of the archers, they have gigantic line of sight for attack
** They have no special attacks, it's just straight forward tank 'n spank.

  • Defeat The Vampire Prince - loot the head.
  • Defeat The Vampire Queen - loot the head.
  • Defeat The Vampire King - loot the head.

** These Vampire bosses are considerably harder then the commanders.
** The Prince can be found roaming through the tunnel close to the vampire area.
** The King and Queen spawn in the center of the camps, near the druid rings.
** Like the Commanders, these are mostly tank 'n spank.

Once you did this, return to the wurm, and hand him the 6 heads you just obtained.
He will return all items (heads and later on tokens) to you.
After doing so, your quest will update telling you do to do the following :

Sidenote! Alternativly you can purchase *Pocket Expedition (Direwind)* from Kehn for 8 million guks,
This will port you to an instanced version of direwind, where you have to kill these named as well, and get 1 million guks as reward
This means you cannot miss out on the bosses, and get extra guks along the way, max 6 players.

  • Defeat The Elephant King - Loot his Shoulderblades.

** The Elephant King can be found a bit to the north of the elephant area.
** He is incredibly large, therefor hard to miss, he can be found on an elevated area.
** He too, is a tank and spank, but a bit harder then the vampires.

  • Defeat Bluebark the Plague - Loot its heart.

** Bluebark can be found wandering up and down the area to the north, close to the cave entrance of the plants.
** He's considerably harder then any of the previous mobs, mostly because, besides hitting harder, he also spawns around 15+ minions during / at the end of the fight.

  • Defeat Fippy Darkpaw Senior - Loot its Paw Print.

** Fippy has a little more HP then the previous bunch, and also spawns adds during the fight.
** Usually it's around 3 to 4 undead mobs, that will swarm you, but don't necessarily hit real hard.

  • Defeat The Allmighty Wombahhhh - Loot it's Medal.

** Wombah is by far the toughest in the quest (hence the name, the allmighty, like Bruce).
** During combat, he spawns several barrels of TNT, that will seriously hurt you if you come close when they explode.
** At the end of the fight when he dies, he spawns 30+ Spheres of Wombah, these (sadly enough),
not only cause alot of lag, but also agro zone wide, and since there are so many, you need some decent survival skills to manage these.

Once you have done all of these steps, head back to the wurm and turn the items in.
Again, he returns everything to you, including Epic 4.0 Plans.
Give these plans back to him, and he will reward you will your brand new shiny Epic 4.0!

Congratulations and Enjoy!

Epic 5.0

This questless quest is by far the most simple one of all.
NOT to be mistaken for easy, as this is the most hard one to finish, nevertheless the "instructions" are quite easy.

You do not have to go there, but in Anguish, you can find An Old School Raid Leader (Epic 5.0 Quest).
To get there, either go via Fink, or via the Hardcore Group expedition npc in Kerra.
You do not receive an actual quest from him,
but only a piece of text information telling you to find a Globe of Discordant Energy.
So again, it is not needed to go to him up front.

The Globe he is looking for, only drops from Four bosses in Anguish (the Hardcore group mission version Anguish, not the actual zone mobs).
To find out how to exactly, you'll have to go through that mission.
Here is the information : Anguish Harcore Mission

When you do manage to, via one way or another, get your hands on a Globe,
Simply head to either Anguish instance, and turn it in to the Raid Leader NPC.

He will reward you with your new, shiny, very good Epic 5.0!

Links to 5.0 Epics:

Bard Beast Lord Berserker Cleric Druid Enchanter Magician Monk Necromancer Paladin Ranger Rogue Shadowknight Shaman Warrior Wizard

Congratulations and Enjoy!