DPS Neck

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The DPS Neck is an item that gives you a significant boost to Damaging Abilities, Spells, and Heals. Its a fairly simple quest, done in Kerra Ridge.

NOTE: This Item Buff Does not stack with the IOG Buff.

Task Giver: High Priest of Marnek
Task Duration: n/a
Lockout: n/a

Quest Giver

Hail, High Priest of Marnek

High Priest of Marnek whispers, 'Weakened is your mind and body, Kashwar. Foolish you are for traveling into the realm of Marnek to seek his treasures.

High Priest of Marnek whispers, 'Speak not damn Mortal! The presence of Marnek is around us at all times within his lair.

High Priest of Marnek whispers, 'Yes fool, the ground you walk on is sacred and valued by the followers of Marnek. Talk of his great powers treasures were forbidden years ago after The Arena God was bound by the King and Queen.'

High Priest of Marnek whispers, 'Forbidden, tes. But lately, something new has been stirring around these halls. Something that many of us have begun to fear and dread. We set up many protection spells and incantations to protect the sanctuary of our Lord Marnek, but they seem to be failing.

High Priest of Marnek whispers, 'Indeed, the wards seem like they are under constant attack by a presence that we cannot find within these halls. Perhaps you could have a look around and see if your weak mortal eyes are able to find anything.

Task Goals

Kill the Advocate of Lord Marnek in Kerra Ridge, and loot the Shard of Lord Marnek.

He can be found in the hut hear the water in the back of the zone, where all the cats are.

Hand the Shard of Lord Marnek in to High Priest of Marnek to receive your DPS Neck!