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Word up Front

For those clueless, this quest takes place in Steamfont Mountains!
If you have gotten your Tier 4 armor through the Santa Promo,
please be aware you need the proper faction to be able to do this quest.
You are either going to need A LOT of Platinum for this quest, OR
have friends, guildies and/or an alt with Forage ability (as the AA does NOT work),
because otherwise this quest will cost you a lot!
You need MAX ALLY faction.
This does not just go for the Elite faction, but also for the Good OR Evil faction.
For proper information how to exactly do this, please view the Gaining Faction information part of the Tier 4 Armor questline!

ALL items can be pre-gathered, just do not turn anything in without having the quest!
All items are consumed by the quest npc, so MAKE SURE to turn in the correct parts, to avoid rather costly and time consuming mistakes!
All items below listed as FORAGED, can be PURCHASED from the Jelda Needlefinger (T4 Forage Supply Merchant in Lesser Faydark) at the Gfay zone line, just be warned, these cost an arm and a leg!

Alternatively, you can obtain the Lardo MK.IV item,
Which will give you a full Tier 4.5 armor suit, and full non visible set.

Getting the Quest

To be able to get UP on the platform where these npc's are, you are going to need levitation,
and a keen sense of observation on where to get up to the gigantic platforms.
This was designed by the original server owners, hence it is rather tricky.
If you cannot find how or were to get up, do not hestitate to ask in /ooc for help!

The best information to provide, is the following :
From the point where you land in the zone, to get to Lead Trader Abisynthe, head East and 2 ticks (the tiny stripes on your compass) South (look on your Compass)!
Also use your map! Soon you will run up against a wall, follow this south until you can continue EAST and 2 ticks right from here.
You will end up at a gigantic brown sculpture (a Cog, but sized x10,000), and a V-shaped wall.
Head up right leg ( / ) of this V-shaped wall until you can go no further ahead.
Switch to 1st person view, turn North and 1 tick East.
You'll see another ramp going upwards somewhat further. Head there and up until you reach the top (short bit up).
(do not continue back down at this point).
From there, turn east, (and in first person view) look up, you'll see another small V-shaped bit.
Hug up against the wall until you are up there.
Once up there, turn south and head up the next ramp.
When you reach the top, you will have reached the upper platform, where you will find the needed NPCs, and Jerrykaminski for the IoG 2.5 Quest.

From the point where you land in the zone, to get to Lead Trader Chopasuey, Head East and 2 ticks North (Look on your Compass)!
Basically tag along the brown cog wall on your left until you get to the opening with the Dark Elf Guardians.
In there, take a left turn (North), and head along until you get to another opening on your right.
Turn this way (East with 2 ticks North again), to find Chopasuey (in the tent), and Orionkaminski, which is for the IoG 2.5 Quest.

To find Gorekoor The Plague and The Avatar of Fire which are needed later on, do the following.
From when entering the first opening with the Dark Elf Guardians, turn left when possible (West and 2 ticks South).
Go up the mountain wall and within seconds you'll come at a giant mini cog with an opening.
Go through this, and in the tent far ahead (it's gigantic) is the Avatar, and to the right after the opening is Gorekoor, and The Captain (for the turnins).

Talk to Abisynthe (good alliance) or Chopasuey (evil alliance) in Steamfont Mountains
You will receive the quest "Making (either) Hyusim's or Chopasuey's Treasure Map"

To find out WHICH exact items you need, right click him/her and purchase the Treasure Map Instruction Manual.
This lists the items AND quantity in order you need.

Note: As of recent change in October 2016, the Treasure Map Instruction Manual lists the components in different quantity and sections.
Please be aware that the actual quest itself looks a bit different.
All of the below items only require ONE of each, instead of the in the Treasure Map Instruction Manual listed two!
The below is the list of how the sections used to be, now, the entire list will display in your journal!

The First Part *Poisons of the Mist*

Whoever gave you the quest wants you to return the following items:

  • 1x Regalis Poison (looted from kobolds, semi uncommon drop)
  • 1x Urticating Hairs (looted from kobolds, very common drop)
  • 1x Froglok Poison Gland (Loot from The All Seeing Froglok, bit of a mean mob, VERY large)
  • 1x Rat Poison (mostly found on A Giant Rat, rather then the diseased ones, semi common drop))
  • 1x Rat Poison Glands (again also mostly found on A Giant Rat, semi uncommon drop)
  • 1x Lixt Wing Dust (Foraged or purchased for 189K platinum)
  • 1x Lined Poison Vial (Purchase from A Wood Elf Trader or A Dark Elf Trader, depending on faction, these can be found back down on the ground area, and this item costs 15.1K platinum)
  • 1x Suspension (Purchase from A Wood Elf Trader or A Dark Elf Trader, depending on faction, these can be found back down on the ground area, and this item costs 184 platinum)
  • 1x Embalming dusts (loot from skeletons, common drop)

Previously, this was were you did a turn in, for your journal to update on what to bring for the rest.
Now, as mentioned above in the note, everything that is listed in the First, Second, and Third part, is just ONE part!

The Second Part *Poison of the Woods*

  • 1x Crystal Eritus (Forage or purchased for 204.7K platinum)
  • 1x Crystallized Marrows (Forage or purchased for 133,9K platinum)
  • 1x Cyclan Butil (Forage or purchased for 212,6K platinum)
  • 1x Cyclamine Corms (Forage or purchased for 130.8K platinum)
  • 1x Rat Venom Sac (looted from Rats)
  • 1x Sweet Lathyris (Forage or purchased for 211K platinum)
  • 1x Ichors (Forage or purchased for 133,9K platinum)
  • 1x Lemming Hawk Venom Sac (looted from Lemming Hawks, this is a pita to get, rare drop)
Lemming hawks have a lot of Hitpoints, and hit semi hard, respawn is roughly 10 mins

Previously, this was another part to do a turn in, for your journal to update.
Once again, the entire component list is now visible in your journal from the start.

The Third Part *Poisons of the Fire*


  • 1x Basilisk Poison (looted from Enraged Undead Basilisks, very common drop)
  • 1x Baslisk Eye Stalk (looted from Enraged Undead Basilisks, very common drop)
  • 1x Putrid Bile (random drop from skeletons)

Once you hand in your last item, your quest will complete,
and you will receive: <quest givers name> Treasure map, and 15K Platinum.

The Fourth Part *Making the Sextant*


Depending on which side you chose to do the quest, you will have to turn the map in to the corresponding NPC.

  • If you got the quest from Abisynthe (good alliance), you will have received: Huysim's Lost Treasure Map.
  • If you got the quest from Chopasuey (evil alliance), you will have received: Chopaseuy's Lost Treasure Map.
  • Huysim's map has to be handed into Huysim the Disfellowshipped Kobalt.
  • Chopaseuy's map has to be handed into Gorekoor the Plague.

Once you have handed the Treasure Map into the correct npc, you will receive the quest:

  • Good Alliance = Making Huysim's Sextant.
  • Evil Alliance = Making Chopasuey's Sextant.
  • This quest is as easy as can be.

The quest requires you to bring him 10 Steamfont Spring Water.
All you need is one.
This can be found from various mobs, or by doing the tedious quest from one of the Avatars (which is to kill 500 Steamfont mobs).
Hand in the water, and he will return it to you, but your journal will update.
So simply hand him the water 9 more times, and your quest will finish, and you will receive (again, depending on the alliance) the Sextant.
This item has a clicky Plane of Hate port, but do not use that, just hand it back to the NPC that gave it to you to receive your next quest.

The Fifth Part *The Compass*

Again, depending on your choice of alliance, your questNAME will vary, but the details will not.

Your Journal will tell you to:

* Kill 100 Minotaurs

These can be found in the Northeastern corner of the zone, and are fairly easy to burn through.
If you choose to go inside the tunnel area, and clear everything, you will have killed 55 of them.
(Which means you only have to do 2 clearings, since the respawn is 20 minutes).
Be careful of the Lord and Guard inside (you will need them later on as well), as they hit hard, AND the Lord is also MELEE IMMUNE!
(Advised is to NOT kill the lord right now (or the mobs close to him due to social aggro), because his respawn time is twice as long then the rest)!

  • Once you finished this step, your journal will update, now telling you to:
* Kill the Minotaur Gaurd.

This is fairly straightforward, but since there are 2 Guards inside the tunnels, note that only the one closest to the entrance to the tunnels actually updates your journal.

  • Once you finished this step, your journal will update, now telling you to:
* Kill the Minotaur Lord.

As said above, he is melee immune, and quite resistant to spells... so make sure to provide your pet (if you have one) with summoned weapons.

  • Once you kill him, you will receive: <alliance quest givers name> Compass.
  • Now you can head back to the quest giver, and hand the Compass to him.

Upon doing so, you will get another quest.

The Final Task

This quest requires you to kill an Avatar, depending on your alliance.

  • Gorekoor the Plague wants you to kill The Avatar of Fire. (Which can be found in the NorthEast corner of the zone, stay on the upper area were you already are to find him)
  • Huysim the Disfellowed Kobald wants you to kill The Avatar of Air. (Which can be found in the SouthEast corner of the zone, stay on the upper area were you already are to find him)
These are the same Avatars that give out the quest to kill 500 mobs, they will regard you as Ally.

These are easier to kill then they appear to be :) Once you kill it, you will receive:
(here we go again) Moderous Light Imbued Mystical Materializing Vivometer MK.2

The Reward(s)

  • Find your Tier 4.5 task guy (good or evil) A High Elf Captain, who can be found quite close to where you killed the Avatar.

When you hail him, a warning window pops up, and he tells you he can exchange your armor and lists what is needed:
Moderous Light Imbued Mystical Materializing Vivometer MK.2 -- Any (old, T4) Light Imbued armor part.

The warning window reads as follows :


It is also advised to take out any augs you want to save, for they will be gone otherwise.

Upon handing in the MLIMMVMK.2 and an armor part, you'll receive the new version, Tier 4.5 armor! He will return the cog, so you can turn in the next armor part.

Congratulations on finishing this quest!