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Word up front

A lot of the items dropped in the below section(s) are tradeable, so save them for either an alt or friend/guildie to use later on (especially things like the foraged dew clover).
It will be obvious that for casters with pets this quest is a lot easier then fighters, so if below speaks of mobs being tougher, or hitting harder, this goes mostly for melee classes :)
Alternatively there is the Lardo Mk.III item, that gives you, amongst others, Tier 4 Armor.

Gaining Faction with the Faydark Elite

In order to progress through Lesser Faydark, you'll need Faction. Recently, it was changed to make the grind much more friendly to newer players, and it shouldn't take more than a few hours at most per character to reach Ally status.

This section refers to getting faction for the Good Side. Its extremely straightforward and does not take long at all.

1) Speak to Caidoz Thantos (an Iksar near Gfay entrance, spot where you land from zoning in from fink), for 4 different quests called Eliminate the Threat) All of these quests are repeatable.

1 quest is for killing Humans.

1 quest is for killing Teir'dal Elites (dark elves).

1 quest is for killing Nybrights (camp close to the dark elves).

1 quest is for killing Rangers (also for sword drop).

Each of these quests reward a blue metal, exp, and 75k plat, but the humans one is the shortest/fastest.
(Nonetheless it is recommended to get the Dark elves (Teir'Dal) AND the Wood elves quest (Elorion / Fynndel) as well, since you are going to need the armor drops later on)

These tasks themselves DO NOT give faction which is NEEDED to gain faction with Steamfont NPC's (for the 4.5 armor quest).
But the killing of the mobs in these tasks DOES.
The Elite faction you gain for turning in the green and blue metals is DIFFERENT! from the faction needed to talk to the NPC's in Steamfont, or to buy stuff from some!

Also note that the killing of certain races cancels the other's (good/evil) faction gain!
Meaning when you kill Dark Elves (Teir'Dal Elite), you
GAIN faction with GOOD residents of Faydark and LOSE faction with EVIL residents of Faydark.
When you are killing the Wood Elves, you
GAIN faction with EVIL residents of Faydark, and LOSE faction with GOOD residents of Faydark.
(You also lose faction with Faction118 upon killing the Wood Elves)
Besides the need for the armor parts in this quest, it is critical to decide which faction you eventually are going for,
Since this will decide which NPC in the 4.5 armor quest you have to go to!

2) Run to the camp southeast of you (next to Steamfont entrance) on your in-game map. Kill the A Human Hunters until your quest is complete. Respawn is fairly quick.

3) Once you've amassed a decent amount of Strange Blue Metal, Take a trip to the west side of the zone, where you'll find Horash the Bee at the top of a tower.
Give these Strange Blue Metal items (and green ones) to him one at a time for faction.

4) Check your faction against Merv the Landlord, City Guardians, Solusek Ro, or the Barbarian twins (Stovorak/Stizok) regularly,
to see if what faction you actually have.
If your rep says "You're rep with this faction could not possibly get better" THEN YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!

Repeat until at least a few green stones, or 2 blue into dubious, and you can head to the twin barbarians inside the fort,
Not only for 2 repeatable quests that give a lot more faction, but also to turn in green and blue stones (like you did with Horash),
For three times the faction that Horash gives.
Stovorak (on the left) gives you a quest to kill 2 slavers just outside each gnome prison camp.
Once completed, give him the green metal and repeat the quest, this one is the easiest and fastest.
Stizok (on the right) gives you a quest to kill 9 gnome prisoners. This one (unless a high end pet class), takes a lot longer to complete then the slavers quest.
Same result though, turn in the green stone for faction.
Repeat these quests until at least kindly.

Once you have Kindly faction, you can talk to the Task NPCs at the top of the town about the Tier 4 Armor Tasks.


Talk to Master Crafter Chantis about getting scout work, everyone has to start somewhere!

Hail Master Crafter Chantis. Click on "Help" and he will give you a task to Scout LFay.

- Explore the area near the Throne of Mayong (South East portion of the zone, where all the spiders are, map is marked as succor point) Waypoint -395, -1676)
- Explore the area near the Ranger Outpost. (the outpost should be to the south behind you for the update point) (-55, 1435, 24)
- Explore the area near the Pixie Tower. This is where Horash the Bee is located. (Backside of the building).


Hail Master Chef Seth and give him the just earned Insignia of the Phantom. He will give you a quest named [MLIMMV Mark 1].

- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Brownie Slasher (There is a small camp to the Northwest of Horash, keep clearing it until Grand Brownie Derin Spawns, he drops the slasher and a brownie Torso (later needed).
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Elf Mauler (These drop pretty commonly from the rangers at the ranger outpost)
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Human Slayer (Drops off the Human Hunters (gnomes?) near the Steamfont zone in, from the faction grind).

Once you give these 3 items to him, you get the rest of the quest parts required, he also returns the 3 weapons to you. After that you can give any of the below (previously gathered) items to him for the update, he returns all items.

- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Brownie Torso (Drops off the Grand Brownie as mentioned earlier)
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Brownie Leg (Drops from the elite brownie guards at the brownie camp)
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Dew Clover (This can only be FORAGED! And no, the AA skill does NOT work, it's tradeable tho... PS this can also be bought for 238905 plat from the T4 foraging supply merchant at the Gfay zoneline)
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Fairy Fizzles (Drops off the Giga Fairy (spawned by clearing the fairy camp).

All orc items drop from the orcs in one of the three camps around the zone. The scalp however only drops off the Orc Chief.

- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Severed Orc Foot
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Orc Eye
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Orc Scalp
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Orc Head
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Orc Skull
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Orc Foot Bones
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Orc Ulna
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Orc Clavicle

These last 4 items either drop uncommonly of the Human Hunters (from above) or can all 4 be bought from the Brownie merchant in the brownie camp.

- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Brownie Flour(From A Human Hunter)
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Smoked Wood Elf(From A Human Hunter)
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Human Pickles (From A Human Hunter)
- Give Master Chef Seth 1 Half Elf Meat(From A Human Hunter)

Once you hand the last item to him, he thanks you, gives you 15k, and an item called [Moderous Light Imbued Mystical Materializing Vivometer MK. 1]


Give the MLIMMV MK.1 to Master Chantis. He returns it to you, and gives you a quest called Making the Mold Key.

- Bring him a full set of Teir'dal Soverign gear dropped from the Dark Elves at the center camp on the south wall of the zone.

(Veil, Neckguard, Boots, Bracelets x2, Coif, Mantle, Skirt, Sleeves, Gloves, Tunic, Cape, Leggings, total of 13 armor parts).
This part takes some time as the drops are semi common, and completely random. Expect several camp clearings to get a full suit.
After turning all of these in, Chantis will give you the next part of the quest.

- The next step (this does not get revealed until you finish turning in all the parts, so killing them before is useless as you will not get credit) is to kill 100 Wasp Sentinels.
- Loot 1 Giant Wasp Stinger that drops from Sentinels.

Once you finished either the looting or the 100th kill, your quest will show you the next part, which is to kill some more :)

- Kill 100 Tiny Deadly Things (these also roam across the zone, but there's a camp to the east of Horash (bandit camp on the map) where 10-15 spawn, with a quick respawn, these hit somewhat harder).
- Loot 1x Tiny Gem

Sadly pre-looting the Metal Bits and Quill does NOT update the quest (quest won't show the step until you finished the above). So try to save corpses with the items on it, and/or expect to kill more then one hundred :)

- Then Loot Lubricous Metal Bits and A Tiny Metal Quill

Once you loot both of the above, the quest finishes and you'll receive Light Imbued Mold Key


Take your Light Imbued Mold Key to Master Smith Abikon. He'll return the item and gives you the quest : Making the Power Source.

- He wants you to bring him a full suite of Rubicite armor.

(Helm, Mask, Collar, Breastplate, Pauldron, Cloak, Waistband, Vambraces, Bracers x2, Gauntlets, Greaves, Boots, also 13 armor parts).
These drop off the Rangers at the ranger outpost.
Like with the Teir'Dal, this part also takes some time as the drops are also semi common, and completely random. Expect several camp clearings to get a full suit.

Once you turn the final piece(s) in to Abikon, your quest will update, telling you to :

- Kill 100 Giant Spiders, loot 1x Giant Wood Spider Thorax and 1x A Spider Venom Sac.

Spiders can be found all over the zone, but there is a MASSIVE collection of spiders near the eastern wall of the zone (south of the Human Hunters).
Spiders hit a tad harder then the rest of the mobs in the zone (exception of the slavers), and have more hp then average mobs.
The looting of the parts can be done while killing, you don't have to wait till after like with previous steps.
Sadly the respawn is a lot slower then the rest of the camps, about 10 minutes, there are 35 spiders at this camp.

After you completed this, your quest will again update, telling you to :

- Kill 100 Lizards of the Forest and loot 1x Forest Lizard Meat.

These hit about as hard as the spiders, but have a lot less hp, and can be found around and between the Brownie camp and Horash.
There are about 25 there, with a respawn time of 5 to 10 minutes.

Once you kill the last one, your quest will complete and you'll receive a shiny blue A Glowing Phantom Skull.


This part is set up a bit strange. You can turn in your Light Imbued Mold Key (that you got from step 3) to Master Technician Sandra
She'll return you an Imbued Phantom Head Mold, and your Light Imbued Mold Key.

Now you need to return the mold she gives you, and also return what she then gives you, to eventually receive a full suit of molds.

The list is as follows :

Give Her Receive
Head Mold Bracer Mold
Bracer Mold Armguards Mold
Armguards Mold Breastplate Mold
Breastplate Mold Greaves Mold
Greaves Mold Boots Mold
Boots Mold Gauntlets Mold

In Summary:

Head Mold --> Bracer Mold --> Armguards Mold --> Breastplate Mold --> Greaves Mold --> Boots Mold --> Gauntlets Mold

DO NOT turn in the gauntlets mold, as she'll eat it, and you'll have the start the cycle all over again.
The above basically means you'll have to give her the key 7x, and a mold (in the above order) 23x to get all molds.
Don't forget to get 2 bracer molds.

After this, use (right click) your Step 4 obtained A Glowing Phantom Skull, to port into the Plane of Hate.


In the Plane of Hate you need to find The Phantom. He can be found way back in the southern area of the zone (very close to where Innoruuk spawns on Live).

When you hail him, a warning window pops up, and he tells you he can exchange your armor and lists what is needed :

Moderous Light Imbued Mystical Materializing Vivometer MK.1 -- A Glowing Phantom Skull -- old Latin Armour piece, and the appropriate matching armor Mold.

The warning window reads as follows :


It is also advised to take out any augs you want to save, for they will be gone otherwise.

So make sure with each turn in you have the correct combination. (perhaps pre-sort them in your bags to avoid making a mistake).

Once you hand him the 4 items, he'll return you the skull and the cog (what a name for that thing), and your new armor piece.

Enjoy and well done!