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Alternate Way To Obtain Tier 3 Armor

Recently, an item was added to Kehn Kohski in Suncrest Isle called Latin Sacco Operante (Tier 3 Armor).
This item costs 5,000,000 Guk Points, CAN be traded between characters, and will summon a bag containing your Tier 3 Armor.
This is the most time-efficient way of completing your Tier 3 Armor and moving on to Tier 4,
but Plane of Time and other Tier 3 areas are still excellent sources of loot if you cannot yet handle the Daily Expeditions.

Entering Plane of Time

Note: You no longer need to obtain a key to enter Plane of Time. You can simply talk to Grand Archanist Fink in Suncrest Isle and say "potimeb" without the quotes to enter Plane of Time.

Part 1: The Trials

Upon zoning in, you'll notice the Scion of the Keepers, who presides over PoTime. Upon hailing him, he will mention five Keepers :

Scion of the Keepers says, "You have not yet gained permission from Keeper of Time - Fire"
Scion of the Keepers says, "You have not yet gained permission from Keeper of Time - Water"
Scion of the Keepers says, "You have not yet gained permission from Keeper of Time - Undeath"
Scion of the Keepers says, "You have not yet gained permission from Keeper of Time - Air"
Scion of the Keepers says, "You have not yet gained permission from Keeper of Time - Earth"

There are five Keepers of Time around the zone, one representing each element. Hail them to begin their trials.

  • Each trial will take around 10 minutes to complete
  • Each "Projection" at the end of said trial will drop a stone corresponding to their element. Hand this stone into the Keeper of Time who began the trial you started.

Since these trials are still bugged, you can also harvest the 5 miniature looking suns on the ground around the scion of the Keepers, and turn the stones in to the corresponding Keeper of Time.
Nonetheless pre level 101 you can get decent exp from these mobs, and many of the trial spawns will drop Guk and AA points. Even if you start the trial but cannot finish it, you still can turn in the stone to progress.

Upon completing all five trials, speak with the Scion of the Keepers again:

Scion of the Keepers shouts, "Congratulations mortals! You have gained permission of the Keepers of Time. Now you must face the Initiate of Time. He is the last stand between you, and the gods that you worship. But be wary, he devious and unpredictable at the best of times. [Hail] me when you are ready to go.

Part 2: Riddle Me This

If you couldn't guess by the clever title, this next section involves RIDDLES!. Once you hailed the Scion of the keepers for the second time, you'll pop back down in the arena part, near Initiate of Time.

Upon speaking with the Initiate of the Time here, he will mumble stumble and groan, and eventually ask you a riddle. Several (4) NPCs named "Answer" will spawn around the room. You must hail each one to find out what kind of answer they are, and say "you are the answer" in order to complete this part. If you choose the wrong answer, you'll have to start over from scratch, meaning re-do the trials.

Hail, Initiate of Time.
Initiate of Time says, 'Time. It is a wonderful thing is it not. Here i have plenty of it. It is neverending. Time has no meaning here. It is our existence. It is what animates and drives us. How about a [riddle]?'
You say, 'riddle'
Initiate of Time says, 'Very Well'
Initiate of Time says, 'Just give me a few seconds to think of one.'
Initiate of Time says 'I have a [riddle] for you if i may. I have not had a chance to ask one of these in, well time has no meaning here, so i have no idea how long it has been.'
Initiate of Time looks like he is concentrating very hard...
Initiate of Time mumbles something incoherently

Initiate of Time shouts 'I've got it... You'll never guess this.'

Questions / Answers below:

Question: What is the marking over an I called?
Answer: A Tittle
Question: 'At noon and midnight the hour and minute hands are exactly coinciding...'
'How many other times in a day do the hour and minute hands cross?'
Answer: 10
Question: Take 1000, and add 40 to it.
Now add 30, and another 1000.
Now add 20, now add another 1000.
Now add 10.
What is the total?
Answer: 4100

Initiate of Time shouts 'Now find which mob correlates with the correct answer. Hail them for what they represent. Say You Are The Answer to them if you think they are correct.

Once you answer the correct question, speak with the Initiate again.

Initiate of Time says, 'Very Good. Now wasn't that fun... Now you must destroy the being beyond me to gain access to the further sectors of this zone.

Initiate of Time shouts 'Bring me proof of their death to progress.

He will spawn multiple enemies behind them, each dropping a stone. (Ancient Lore stones of the Present, Past, Future and Ages). Hand these four items in to the Initiate. Initiate of Time shouts 'OK Then. Hail me when you wish to progress to the next stage.

Hail him again and you'll end up in the third area, with 4 bosses and 16 trash mobs.

Part 3: Gods Among Us

In this next area, you'll find the Warden of Time, and four bosses.

Each of these bosses are fairly well doable by a non caster/pet class, though it might take you a few minutes to kill nonetheless (for pet classes this is easy). If you find yourself having "trouble" with them, you might not be ready (yet) for the next part of the bosses, just so you know.

Hail the warden of time and he says :

Warden of Time says, 'Terris Thule prevents me from assisting you.'
Warden of Time says, 'Vallon Zek prevents me from assisting you.'
Warden of Time says, 'Tallon Zek prevents me from assisting you.'
Warden of Time says, 'Saryrn prevents me from assisting you.

This should not need explaining, you need to kill them :)

Each boss drops guk coins (mostly single ones), and a piece of jewelry or weapon(s)

After you killed them all, hail the warden again.

Warden of Time says, 'Wow. You have slain the Nightmare.'
Warden of Time says, 'Wow. You have slain The Alter Egos.'
Warden of Time says, 'Wow. You have slain The Tormentor.'

Warden of Time shouts 'Again you mortals impress us. [Hail] me to progress.

Hail him again, and you'll get ported to the next area.

Part 4: Second Boss area

In this next area, you'll find 32 trash mobs standing around the table, WITH social aggro, and at reasonably long range. Also 4 bosses :

Cazic Thule
Rallos Zek.

Again each of these bosses drop Guk coins, and a piece of jewelry / weapon(s). IF you are lucky also T3 armor molds.

In the back of the zone is the Warden of Time, if you hail him after killing the bosses he'll ask you if you want to progress. Click on that and you get ported to the final area.


In this final area, you'll find yourself in Quarm's Lair. In the bag of the room is a Gigantic Egg impatiently quivering.

Break out a gigantic spoon and break the egg. The second you break it, BEHOLD! It's not a cute chicken that pops out, but a three headed dragon!

Kill it, not much else to say :)

Once you killed it, a Projection of the Gods spawns. Hail it and it says :

Well Done <name>. You have bested Quarm, Guardian of the Elements.
Projection of the Gods shimmers briefly, as mist emerges from it's body, enveloping you completely.
When the mist fades, you notice a small tattoo on your arm.

Quarm drops, if lucky, T3 armor molds, an augment, and silver/copper Metzger coins, and 3x his skull (tradeble), which is needed for IoG2.0


Talk to Metzger in Kerra Ridge in the big building and follow his dialogue starting with the word guild. If you click through until the last word leave, you'll be ported to Unrest. (this is optional).
The idea behind this was the slave event, but even though that the Slaver captain is present for this quest part,
it is not working and this is the wrong zone (see below for correct the spot).

There are four different types of coins you can gather :

You will need 2500 coins for this part, so the best way to obtain these is getting the 2 quests from Diabolik. Finish these and you'll already have 2000 (2x Platinum Coins) Metzger coins.

After you get these 2 quests, get the Many Raids event from A Raid Leader. That will get you to complete 70-90% of the 2 quests.

Slow mode coin gathering
The slave event in West Commonlands.
Metz Coins drop off of the slave event in West Commonlands.
Triggered at the Druid ring, then the slaves spawn at the old Shadowed Man camp in the southwest corner.
Hail them, they either attack (if they do, loot the jaw bone and turn it back in to the executioner for 1 coin per jaw, you can do this with as many as you want at the same time),
or they admit defeat and you say 'peacefully', and they'll give you 1 Copper Coin).
You can also just straight away kill them without any talking.

Once you manage to get enough coins, go back to Metzger, turn them in, and tell him : Reward.
Upon doing so he will give you A Fine Latin Tool, which is needed for the final turn in.

Foreign Power Source

The Foreign Power source is obtained by completing the following :

* Obtain 3 Xegony's Airy Wing, dropped by Xegony in Plane of Air.

Go to Dr. Jim, (the kobold in Kerra Ridge), hail him and and say Newenglandclamchowder (1 word) and hand him all 4 items for your Foreign Power Source.

Final Turn In

The receive your armor parts, Give Dr. Jim (the same as the above step) the following:

Upon each turn in, he will return your Foreign Power Source, and your new T3 armor piece.
He will eat your Fine Latin Tool. Just turn to Metzger, tell him "new", and he will give you a new one. You can do this on every turn in.

Congratulations on completing the quest line and your new Tier 3 (impossible to pronounce) armor.!