Plane of Fear

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Word up front

Combat strategics, if necessary, will be added in the future

These zones is considered Tier 6 qua toughness.
Currently, there is no Tier 6 Armor quest, this will come in the near future though.
This zone, along with the other planes zones, require significant amounts of gearing.
Preferably on all of your characters, but especially the tank.
For the tank, 150K AC and 900K+ HP is no luxury in these cases.

In comparison to the other three planes zones, this one is by far the hardest.
This is mostly because of social, & long range agro, and the mobs have more HP and higher regen

Tips :

  • Use Kehns Mystical Slowstone for pulling. It has excellent range, and you'll want to use it to pull mobs one at a time.

Or, if you already have it, the Electric Dog Mk.III, same range, same slow rate, better debuff.

  • Take it slow. Rushing through the zone will just lead to frustration and tons of deaths.
  • Don't hesitate to blow every DPS cooldown you have on each miniboss, They will be back up in time for the next one you go after.
  • Additionally, using Third Spire on your Tank is a huge help, as well as Second spire on your other characters for the extra damage or healing.

The Task

Your journal tells you to do the following :

  • Kill 1 residents of Fear

Your journal won't reveal the next steps untill this part is done.
Once you killed 1 mob, your journal will update, now telling you to :

  • Kill 50 more residents of Fear

Here again, your journal does not display the next steps to be taken.
Once you kill your 50th trash mob, your journal will again update, now telling you to :

Mini bosses

The mini's, as well as the Big Boss, is not up, and does not spawn, untill you complete certain steps of the mission.

  • The Tempest Reaver
  • Dracholiche
  • Dread
  • Fright
  • Terror

Big Bosses

  • Cazic Thule

The Reward

Besides ofcourse the loot you can gather from killing the mobs and the bosses,
when you finish the mission you'll be rewarded with :

Diamond Coated Guk Ore (10,000,000 Guk Points).jpg