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Alla & Magelo use instructions

In this below section, there is some picture help on how to use the Alla en Magelo sites.

On the main page of the Alla site, you'll find a very good instructional video on how to use them.
For those that thrive more by using pictures, and/or worded lines, here's a written instruction.

On the Raid addicts homepage, or the Wiki mainpage, click the Alla link.

Once on Alla, you can basically search any item, spell, npc, even factions you find in game, have seen linked, dropped, or on other players.

Keep in mind that not every single item in game has 100% information on it.
(this is because as you can imagine, the database for this is quite huge, and always ongoing).

This part though is used to explain the use of Magelo.
In the video tutorial on Alla, you'll see the search for Barneyy.
Now even though this is one of the, if not THE best example player to search for,
he is also WAY out of league for most players, especially if just starting.

So for this example we will use someone a lot more crappier equipped :)
Once on Magelo, you can search any players name to find their equipped items.

Magelo 1.jpg

Now we searched for a player named Nanyana

Magelo 2.jpg

Then we click on her name, and get the detailed information of her current setup.
Now we want to find out where she got some of her stuff.
In this case, the Chestpiece.
So we click on the chest, and a new information window comes up below the inventory window.
In there you can see the information of the chestpiece, and we can click the link to get more further information:

Magelo 3.jpg

Once you clicked the link, you'll be taken to the Alla site, and get the available information about the item.

Magelo 4.jpg

On the bottom, you can see the link to click for drop locations.

Magelo 5.jpg

As you can see, once that is clicked, the information expands into the zone it can be found in,
and the mobs it can come off, with a probability rate in percentages.

After that you can even click one of the npc's to see his basic information,
and what else he drops, in this case, a tizmak champion.

Magelo 6.jpg

Or, you can click the zone link, and get detailed information on what mobs spawn in that zone,
(which of course also can be clicked for more information), and the zone shortname if you want to port there in game.

Magelo 7.jpg

Now it can occur that if you click the Click to View link, that nothing comes up,
that simply means that the database information is either non existent, or not up to date.
You can, of course, always ask players in game as much as you like, most likely someone will have the answer.
The above information can be used for almost any player, any item, and any spell.

Hopefully this is helpful, and good luck!