Dwarf Mission (Group Version)

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General information

NPC for the Dwarves missions, both solo and group

This quest/zone with a T3 geared mage and pet is quite easy.
It does take longer a tad longer then the solo version. For Melee (for example Shadow Knight with T3 gear, bots, and T5 weapon), this can take up to 2 hours to complete.
Still doable without too much hassle, just that these mobs have quite a bit more hitpoints than the solo version ones.

Task Giver: A Magma Dweller in Suncrest Isle
Task Duration: 2H 38M
Lockout : 24H Requirements: Level 86+, 2 or more players in group to enter.

Task Goals:

  • Kill 40x A Dwarf Miner
  • Kill 40x A Dwarven Lost Raider
  • Kill 30x A Dwarven Miner Demi God

After this is done, your journal will update, telling you to kill

  • Son of Quarm. (He also drops guk tokens, aa tokens, and armor & weapons)

After he is dead you will receive :

Guk Pure Ore (1,000,000 Guk Points).jpg