Dragon Necropolis : Vaniki's Demise

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Word up Front

NPC to talk to in the Bazaar for this mission

This mission is considered to be high end Tier 5 / Start Tier 6.
It is therefor not meant to be attempted without a solid army.
This zone is filled to the brim with Oozes, and some rats.

The Mission

Strategy on Vaniki to follow in the future

Your quest will read as follows :

  • Kill 1 Residents of Necropolis
  • Kill 200 more residents of Necropolis
  • Kill 1 Vaniki, the Rat King

Do not be fooled by his tiny appearance

The Reward

Besides the additional loot drops, when you finish your mission, you will be rewarded with :

Diamond Coated Guk Ore (10,000,000 Guk Points).jpg

Congratulations on Finishing this Mission!