Dragon Necropolis : Resident Cleanup

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Word up Front

NPC to talk to in the Bazaar for this mission

This mission is also considered to be high end Tier 5 / Start Tier 6, BUT is designed as Solo / 1group max.
This is because these mobs can be snared/kited/feared/charmed/rooted.
That still is not going to make this a walk in the park, but it is doable.
All mobs in this zone are called Necropolan citizens, and most look like the guardians of Fippy in Direwind.
Some will respawn, but none in crucial (passing through) area's.
To finish this mission, unless you have a really high end dps setup, you need a long breath.
It is worth it though, because every now and then you'll receive some very worthy augmentations, or RK.II spell upgrades.

The Mission

Your quest will read as follows :

  • Kill 1 Residents of Necropolis
  • Kill 125 more residents of Necropolis

The Reward

When you finish your mission, you will be rewarded with :

Refined Guk Ore (2,500,000 Guk Points).jpg