We have removed the Donate Button due to abuse, if you wish to donate to the server please send money to kingmort@yahoo.com using the Send Money feature on Paypal and select Friends and Family option. Please put in the notes when sending your character's name (Though the points are IP wide still need to know who to give them to in game) Once I have recieved your donations I will go in game and give you the credits promptly.

Since the Credits are IP based, if your IP address changes and you lose your VIP points they are still recorded under your old IP so I can update that to fix it , just send me a message in game or on discord. You can also turn the credits into a traded item using an NPC in the VIP zone and keep them on you to avoid this from happening.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: When you donate you are given your points promptly, If you have not received your points you can email me and or message me to obtain them. (Usually when you put in your chars name on the note I will get it done within a few hours) There are no refunds for donating to the server, these donations are final. By sending money you agree to the above terms and conditions.