Server Information

  • Raid Addicts is an EverQuest emulated server operated, developed, and maintained by the community, for the community.

  • This server features custom content from level 1 to level 105, a completely custom experience unlike any other.
  • Bots are available, but they must be quested for. (DO NOT USE IMPROPER ITEMS SUCH AS 2handers and Shields or they will be deleted)
  • Boxing is allowed, there is no limit.
  • Experience has been increased, as has alternate advancement experience.

  • Server Rules

  • Whining about not being able to kill something, or not liking the way something looks is not productive and will be ignored or we might mute you since complaining is pretty much the same as causing drama which brings us to rule #2
  • Out of Character Chat is a drama free zone, if you cause problems there, you will be muted, if it continues you could be subject to ban. This includes talking in discord , all players need to request discord chat allowance and when they are approved this means they need to follow the same no drama rules as if you were in game.
  • Racist comments, Religious or Political discussions are not allowed to be discussed in OOC
  • Cussing and Dirty discussions are not allowed in OOC (Common Sense though , light cussing is ok, children play here so you can be more loose after 9PM Eastern Time)
  • Use of the Augment command is for stacking augments only, do not use this to insert 2handed augs into 1handers or etc that is an abuse of the system and is a bannable offense.
  • MacroQuest is allowed; however, AFK botting or macroing have zero tolerance, either will result in a permanent account and IP ban. (afk buff bot is cool in kerra)
  • Warping is not allowed on the server and will be cause for a permanent ban if we hear of you doing it.

  • Some Extra Features to see

  • For the player wiki starter guide, check here.
  • For our server changelog and to see what has been updated recently, check here.
  • For our Bug Reporting Database check this link here.
  • For the Raid Addicts Store click here.
  • For the Raid Addicts Discord Channel Click here.
  • Raid Addicts WINTER SPECIAL!

    What are this specials perks:

    3X VIP BONUS (Triple Bonus on all donations - $1 = 300 VIP POINTS)

    PLAT Every Dollar Donated you get 1,000,000 Platinum

    HP AA Every $25 Donated you will get 2 ranks of the Ultimate Sturdiness AA giving you 10,000 INNATE HP

    1. html table div PAYPAL : using the friends and family feature on your paypal , be sure you put your characters name in the notes so I know who to give the stuff to!